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Going camping with two bedwetters - are we mad?

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Rick Sat 26-Feb-05 11:17:34

Hi mumsnet, back after a long while. Our eldest DS (6 and a half) really wants to go on a camping holiday, but has recently relapsed into wetting the bed every night, (might be to do with new bunk beds) and the idea of washing out sleeping bags or sheets every day doesn't sound like much of a holiday to me. Also our younger DS ( 4) is, umm, rather well endowed and fetches his tail out of his pull-up so it pokes out at the top or the side so he's wet every morning aswell!
Does anyone know of a way round this, or some ingenius device? Or should we just give up on the idea and go for an expensive chalet, gite or whatever, with a washing machine?

JanH Sat 26-Feb-05 11:21:24

Would DS1 agree to wear DryNites just for the holiday, Rick? As it's him who really wants to go camping he should be open to reason.

Not sure about DS2 though - could you get some big plastic pants and put them on over his pullup?

Rick Sat 26-Feb-05 11:35:31

Thanks JanH sounds like a good compromise. You never know, by July DS1 might be more reliable at night. As for DS2 we've never tried plastic pants ( we even used to tape his pajamas together to prevent night-time fiddling! but ultimately futile if we want him to go to the loo by himself). I thought about one of those absorbant pad things, but thought it might be all tangled up in a sleeping bag. God I hope they grow out of it soon our washing machine is knackered!

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