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Leak Bum Genius Nappies

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BabiesEverywhere Sun 21-Sep-08 16:33:55

My lovely DH helped by washing a load of nappies. Sadly he didn't know that you shouldn't put in softener and therefore he did !!!

On the bright side it was a load of my old version 1 bumgenius not the new nappies, on the other side they are now leaking Especially the stretchy tab bits, my DS clothes are getting wet

I have washed them a couple of times but it is still happening. Is there any way to strip away the softener, or make them properly waterproof again ?

Thanks in advance

LackaDAISYcal Sun 21-Sep-08 16:48:09

I think it's just a case of washing and washing and washing until the conditioner washes out.

Not sure whether a vinegar stripping works for pocket nappies in the same way it does for towelling ones.

someone will be along soon who knows!

I have got a microfibre towel that I use for my hair whch got fabric conditionered by mistake and it took months for it to get back to it's usual absorbency, but I didn't do anything other than wash it iyswim.

ches Sun 21-Sep-08 18:20:42

I've heard washing with dish washing liquid will strip it. Just a tiny amount, and keep washing until you don't see any more bubbles. We had horrific leaks with BumGenius when he outgrew them, long before he should've weight-wise.

BabiesEverywhere Sun 21-Sep-08 18:27:25

Thanks Ches Might try that on one nappy and see if it helps. My DS is only 5 weeks old so it can't be an outgrowing issue and we never had leaks/wicking until the softener I am pretty sure that is the problem but they are very old nappies and well worn.

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