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would like some opinions please

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lucysmam Sat 20-Sep-08 22:22:43

My lo is 19mo, I recently started using some cloth nappies through the day for her which were going great.

The past week (ish) she's been telling me when she's done a poo & quite often takes herself off to tug at the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs until one of us (usually me) realises what she wants to go upstairs for (nappy change) or she stands there and says bum until we understand what she's saying

I was just wondering . . . since she's telling us that she's pooed & when she wants to go for a nappy change do you think she may be ready for potty training.

Also, we have a potty, which we have had for ages but she won't entertain the idea of sitting on it, but I have been sitting her on the toilet every now and again which she seems to be proud of herself for doing. . . . is a potty an absolute must? Or would you get one of those little seats you can get which go inside the big seat iykwim?

Also, as she does seem quite young for potty training having read some other threads, what are opinions on pull up nappy pant type nappies so they still offer some 'protection' from accidents? (that's totally the wrong word but I couldn't think of the right one!)

Sorry if that's a bit long. Thanks in advance for any advice smile

Jic Sat 20-Sep-08 23:03:38

Hi, id definitely reccomend gina ford's book potty training in one week- ive never followed a manual in my life but this one is great and it really works. There are many signs to look out for and definitely the fact that your daughter is telling you she has pooed is one of them- others are if she is able to sit still and be entertained by something for five minutes otherwise she will have no patience to sit on the potty/ toilet. the fact that she is not willing to sit on the potty is a sign that she may not be ready because obvioulsly it is a big part of the whole process! Imo I think you should work on getting her used to sitting on it before her bath and after breakfast as the book reccomends and then take it from there. It doesn't matter if she doesn't do anyhting on it, just get her used to being happy to sit on it. Also take her to the bathroom with you- sounds weird but they really get used to what they're supposed to do if they see you use the toilet and explain as you go along! as for the potty/toilet thing, it's just easier to have something portable within easy reach because it's about getting the potty to the child in the beginning not the other way around. hope this helps, good luck x

lucysmam Sat 20-Sep-08 23:13:34

Thanks Jic, I'll have a look for that book in local library tomorrow afternoon. If not will try WHSmith at the weekend.

Iswym about getting the potty to her rather than the other way around, will work on getting her to sit on it rather than put Upsy Daisy in it hmm this week in that case

She already comes to the bathroom with myself or nanna depending who is looking after her or here so will keep doing that as well. She even has her own bit of loo roll & washes her hands after we've been (very funny watching loo roll being thrown in the bath after she's pretended to wipe her bits with it grin )

Before bath/after brekky sound like good times to try getting her used to sitting on it although would it not be better at around the times I know she's going to poo, that way she gets used to sitting on the potty to do them?

Thank-you for your adivce smile

BirdyArms Sat 20-Sep-08 23:16:37

I would start putting her on the potty every time you change her nappy and if possible make that after meals - seems to be when they are more likely to want to do something. I think you'll be able to tell from how well that goes whether or not she's ready for potty training. Also for full on potty training she needs to be able to tell you when she needs a wee, might be a bit early for that. Even if you don't manage full potty training you might be able to get her to do some of her poos in the potty/ toilet which would be a result.

Jic Sat 20-Sep-08 23:21:34

yes you are right about putting her on the times that you know she is likely to have a poo or wee, i actually think it's a lot easier when you have some kind of routine for poos- my dd is so unpredictable so it's half the battle won if you can catch them! yeah you'll find that book in wh smith probably- waterstones' and mothercare also sell it- good luck x

ches Sun 21-Sep-08 04:15:18

I don't think that potty training in one week is a reasonable expectation for a 19 month old. Don't get me wrong, I'm an advocate for "early" potty training, but I think that your expectations have to be reasonable to prevent you pulling your hair out. The best times to introduce the potty are first thing in the morning and straight after a nap as that's when they typically will need a wee. Poo you can wait for a "poo face" and then interrupt and pop on the loo. Good luck.

lucysmam Sun 21-Sep-08 09:40:55

ches, I'm not necessarily bothered about doing it in a week. Not in that much of a hurry tbh but something to use for hints/tips or as a guide would be useful, it was just because she's started telling us she's pooed and wanting to go upstairs for a nappy change I thought it may be a good time t start trying.

lmao@wait for a poo face. That's actually a very good idea, there's no mistaking them here

Thanks for the advice, I will get the book for a read through, can always sell it on afetr I've used it, and start trying over the next week to get her used to just sitting on the potty

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