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Was dreading potty training DD2 but it has taken her a week, am so chuffed have to post and tell you all

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sweetkitty Sat 20-Sep-08 17:26:14

Decided to bit the bullet and potty train DD2 last weekend she is 2.8yo and I have left it quite late as I was pregnanct, had bad SPD then a newborn.

DD1 started after her second birthday and it took about a year in fact at nearly 4 she was still having accidents it was s complete nightmare she refused to wear nappies but had terrible bladder control (poos were great) I do believe some children have weak bladders one day I counted she peed 23 times.

So onto DD2 for the past 2 days everything has gone in the potty I know it's early days but a great start after a week, little minx will just take herself off and do it though and even tries to empty it.

I never knew potty training could be so easy I am well chuffed! Late potty training rocks!

(will probably be on here in a few months moaning she has regressed)

yummymummy1405 Sat 20-Sep-08 18:25:05

*pats you on the back*

Congrats on your BRILLIANT potty training. We have recently started potty training ds1 but have been at work today and he has been at home with dh and has had a LOT of accidents but hey ho tomorrows another day.....

sweetkitty Sat 20-Sep-08 19:19:28

Potty training DD1 was the worst thing I have been through as a parent I felt all I did was mop up pee for months.

One thing I did with DD1 that I think was wrong was putting her back in a pull up if we were going out in case of accidents I think it confused her more. This time we are only putting a pull up on at night, have gone cold turkey.

Best of luck

JODIEhadababy Sat 20-Sep-08 19:44:05

Congrats SK, well done you!!! In a week, thats fab, and to think you were dreading it!

JODIEhadababy Sat 20-Sep-08 19:44:07

Congrats SK, well done you!!! In a week, thats fab, and to think you were dreading it!

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