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Anyone used flexitots? I have some questions for you.

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Swaliswan Fri 19-Sep-08 10:23:57

I was really disappointed with bamboozles but the flexitots look very different. What do you think the plus points generally are? How have you found using them? Have you had problems with any of the following:

Poor fit
Aplix digging in to tummy
Not as good absorbancy as expected
Outgrowing them far sooner than expected
Longer drying time than expected

TIA for your opinions!

sammysam Sun 21-Sep-08 11:10:20

I have bought 2 for dd (2.2) she is quite slim. Had a bamboozle and didn't like it but i really love theses ones!
Great fit
Great absorbancy
Don't think dd will outgrow them at all (the draw back is as she is skinny she has them as tight as they can go-you can't overlap them to make it smaller, but it is just ok)
They do take much longer to dry than i thought though.
Have a fantastic shape
Feel lovely
No leaks
They are great-i'd get loads if i could!

DrHorrible Sun 21-Sep-08 11:15:36

I haven't used them, but they look a much better fit, and the aplix looks less likely to dig. I am generally anti-aplix (and tots often tbh), but I am quite miffed I can't try these out!

Ceolas Sun 21-Sep-08 12:14:54

I have one and have used it twice.

First time was great for a couple of hours with just wee, but yesterday it coped very badly with some rather explosive diarrhoea! I can't get the legs as snug as in our nippa Bimbles.

Absorbency was good I'd say and I think they'll last a good while. DD is 12 months and we have the same problem as sammysam with the velcro. If it had another tab to cross over it'd be fab.

The inside fabric is beautifully soft, but the outside is weird imo. Shiny with tiny holes in it like a golf t-shirt iyswim? Not really sure what the point is in it being breathable if you have to then cover it with a wrap hmm

Drying takes quiet a bit longer than a Bimble but not as much as a Bambeasy for comparison.

glitterbird Sun 21-Sep-08 20:02:36

I have been using these on my 3 month old and found them to be excellent. I really good fit and my DS has quite a slim build. They feel really soft inside and are not as bulky as other nappies we have tried. Absorbancy has been really excellent and drying time is ok for me takes about a day. We have had a couple of problems with the wraps as they do not fit round the legs as well as they should but only had 1 leak so just made it a bit tighter. You can use other wraps I have a couple of motherease with are much better.

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