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potty training problems please please please help

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mummytojames Fri 25-Feb-05 00:56:14

hi my ds is coming up eighteen months takes great intrest in us useing the toilet hated having a wet nappy and he prefered pullups to normal ones so we though time to start poty training him slowly so we brought him this potty which he loves lifting the lid and putting things in if we say wheres mummy and daddys potty he points towards the toilet and if we say wheres james potty he points at his potty so far so good so we brought him a few packs of reusable potty training pants but he seems to love haveing them on as in no fighting but when hes wet them he dont say a word its not until we pick him up or something that we notice will someone please tell me this is normal and how do we get him back to hateing wet nappys and telling us we tried no nappy but he just peed all over the floor and put his hands in the air and says gone and a few times he messed on the floor picked it up and put it my hand saying mummy as if look what ive done i dont scold him for it i just tell him its yucky and puts it in the toilet and lets him flush
sorry this is so long and so graffic but he seems to be going backwards instead of forwards also cant use the disposable pull ups as there to small for him and you can se the marks where it cuts into him please help im feeling like a useless mother here read nearly everything i can get my hands on about potty training and they all basicaly say the same thing but nothing about this

Gwenick Fri 25-Feb-05 01:12:21

Just leave him for now 18 months is very young the 'average' age for children to be potty trained is 2-3yrs, with some only trained once they're 4! No point in rushing it.

mummytojames Fri 25-Feb-05 01:17:42

i wasnt even planning on starting until he was two its just he showed all the sighns of being ready so i was going to let him take the lead as with everything else i think the main thing is i just cant understand why he hates normal nappy and goes crazy when there wet day or night if it gets to full through the night but he dont mind the reusable nappys on and it dont bother him them being wet
thanks gwen for replying so quickly i suppose im just being paronoid

mummytojames Fri 25-Feb-05 01:18:48

meant to say reusable pull up pants not nappys

Gwenick Fri 25-Feb-05 01:20:57

kids are funny things - my DS1 could wee 'on cue' at 18 months (we'd take his nappy off, hold it close enough to 'catch' the wee but not touching him and ask him to wee - and he would)............but he wans't potty trained until he was nearly 4yrs old (and even then it was a struggle as he wasn't 'really' ready - just wanted to get it done before new baby arrived

mummytojames Fri 25-Feb-05 01:27:33

so basicaly throw all the written advice out the window and just rely on my insticts as ive been doing since he was born its just they make it sound so technical i swore blind i was doing something wrong so what do you think keep with the reusables and just keep cheacking or go back to the fight with disposables
oh the soaking and washing dont bother me it does dp but thats his problem

Gwenick Fri 25-Feb-05 01:30:30

yep - chuck the books and go with instinct - if you've done it for 18 months you'll get through the next bits without them too

Afraid I can't comment on the disposable/non disposable - I'm not an environmental girl and used disposables for both my boys

mummytojames Fri 25-Feb-05 01:39:44

lol trust me i didnt change for the enviroment i changed because disposable pull ups dont fit and its wearing me down having to fight him to put a normal disposable nappy on but if i thought it would help him god i would fight him to kingdom come

mummytojames Fri 25-Feb-05 19:54:28

good news im so proud was doing something earlier when dp called me in there ds was sat on his potty grinning from ear to ear fair enough the lid was down its a start and also started replying to me saying do you want clean pants on nod eans wet or dirty and shake means hes still dry fair enough he's still not telling me but it seems things are starting to go back to normal atleast and not backwards

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