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Anyone bought popper bamboozles recently?

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Ceolas Wed 17-Sep-08 12:46:35

Is the booster sewn in or snap in?

Not that it makes a huge difference I suppose... The tots bots website shows what looks like a nsap in booster but there are a couple on ebay which seem to be sewn in.

Also, do the poppers give a good fit? I've heard that nippas on bamboo are a bad idea.

DeJaVous Wed 17-Sep-08 12:51:52

All the bamboozles I have have sewn in boosters, but I would seriously advise against getting size two bamboozles. The size ones are fab, the size twos much less so. I have a couple of Bambeasy which are much much better TBH.

Nippas on bamboo are a nightmare IME.

Ceolas Wed 17-Sep-08 12:54:22

What's wrong with the size 2s?

DeJaVous Wed 17-Sep-08 13:05:27

They are much bulkier and the fit is pretty weird compared to the size ones (which I absolutely loved). THB you wouldn't know they were supposed to be the same nappy.

I was so impressed with my full kit of size ones that I went for a full kit of size twos too. Big mistake. I use them anyway but the 3 Bambeasy that I got for nights are sooooo much better (slimmer, neater and a better fit). I'm seriously considering selling the lot and getting all bambeasy.

Ceolas Wed 17-Sep-08 13:16:46

I have a bambeasy but it's nippa fastening.

Don't suppose you'd want to sell me one of your bamboozles to try?

DeJaVous Wed 17-Sep-08 13:58:09

They do a popper bambeasy but I have nippa ones too. I use a pin because it doesn't work with a nippa, would definitely order popper if I get more.

The Bamboozles I have are velcro, I suppose I could sell/lend you one but I'm not in the UK so postage is relatively expensive.

Katw3kitts Wed 17-Sep-08 15:00:55

I like the size 2 bamboozles.

Mine are all velcro though.

There was a problem with nippa in that there want enough fluff on the fabric to grip the nippa iykwim.

Tots discovered the problem and stopped selling nippa versions.

DrHorrible Wed 17-Sep-08 15:02:11

Bambeasy are by far a superior nappy.

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