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How to deal with nappy stains?

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fadingfast Tue 16-Sep-08 22:41:27

My lovely MEOS nappies are coming out of the machine looking as though they haven't been washed.

I dry pail and wash every other day with a cold rinse followed by a 60 wash with half dose of non-bio and a dash of nappisan. I try to dry outside which helps with the stains, but if I have to dry indoors the stains are terrible (and they pong a bit too). DD is only 5 months and poo still of the yellow mustard variety which goes everywhere. I didn't have this problem with DS as I only started using the nappies when he was 7 months and poo a bit more solid, so I'm at a bit of a loss.

Any ideas what I can do? Is it because I only wash every other day?

gigglewitch Tue 16-Sep-08 22:54:28

do you use nappy liners to save a bit of the damage <sorry if stating the obv> we used to use double liners wink but had kooshies and good old ordinary terries.
was wondering about the napisan, i also stuck a capful of Milton in the soaking cold bucket for the very mustard and curry variety.

if this lot is not relevant at all to you, (no offence if that's the case) then bumping for the lovely nappy experts grin

Flibbertyjibbet Tue 16-Sep-08 22:56:22

No its because he is still on yellow mustard poo.
If the nappies are ponging they are not properly clean.
Every once in a while you need to do a full dose of washing powder and lots of rinsing, hang them outside whenever you can - even if its drizzling a bit it will fade the stains a bit.
I dry pailed and washed every 3 days(nappy bucket was kept outside of course) as I had lots of nappies.
In fact when I had two of them in nappies I did 60 wash with full dose of powder and extra rinsing every time. Otherwise I found the wee and poo builds up in the nappies. Its worse if they are hemp, bamboo or micro terry.
I found the stains do go gradually after weaning.

BigBadMousey Wed 17-Sep-08 10:12:03

Motherease nappies can be a bit prone to this sort of thing because, unlike most other nappies, they have a short thick pile. The stay-dry insert is particularly prone to stains IME.

Sounds like you are doing everything right with regards to washing. I only wash every third day (unless the weather is warm -then I wash more often).

I use sandy's for my DS. He is 15wo and BF so we have the same poo issues as you. I use big fleece liners to help keep the stains at bay. You do get some stains through the liner but no way near as much as you would without of course. I also like them as they keep his bottom nice and dry. tbh I wouldn't worry too much about the stains - most are not premanent and even old ones will come out on a bright sunny day. Flibbertyjibbet is right that hanging them outside even on a drizzly day will help (and the rain water will make them nice and soft) so if you can spare a few on the line not getting dry give that a go. We are fortunate enough to have a conservatory where I can dry my nappies (it's a full time laundrette in there really blush) and the sun coming through the window helps bleach my nappies (and my conservatory suite covers angry) so even drying them by a window will help a bit.

The pong I think is more of a PITA. Chances are they aren't drying quickly enough indoors and that makes things worse. The smell is caused by bacteria still present in the nappies after washing - like flibberty said smile - if the nappies hang around in a damp environment the bacteria multiply and you get even more build up of the smell-causing monsters in the fibres (the recent warm, damp weather has made this much worse). What you need to do is get rid of the little blighters every now and then and you won't have such a problem. I posted how I do this on another thread so I'll paste it here...

Clean the filters and wipe out the rim and door seal of your washing machine. Do a service wash if you think you need to (empty cycle / hot wash or whatever your manual suggests).


Buy 500ml WHITE MALT vinegar (it's cheap stuff)
Put CLEAN nappies in nappy bucket
Pour all of vinegar over nappies and top up bucket (almost to top) with warm or cold water
Leave to soak overnight
Plonk nappies in wasing machine next morning and wash at 30 or 40C with a full dose of BIOLOGICAL powder
(I also add some warm water with several - up to 10 - drops of lavender or tea tree to the softener compartment but this is optional)
Once the wash cycle is over then rinse once or twice to get rid of any excess powder.

This has worked every time for me so far - it's not something you should have to do often.

I have to say I do disagree with flibberty on one thing though (really sorry blush) I haven't found bamboo or hemp to be as bad for harbouring smells. Microfibre is prone to smells because it has a very high surface area (and thus more surfaces for smell-causing bugs to colonise). Bamboo does have natural antibacterial properties so that helps with the problem but bamboo nappies are often short pile too so harder to keep clean. Older, well used bamboo nappies tend to be as likely to harbour smells as cotton IME. I've used very old, very well used hemp nappies for several years and only had to do the vinegar / biological powder routine once on them.

If you are still awake by the end of this post - well done, I'm impressed! blush

Flibbertyjibbet Wed 17-Sep-08 13:21:15

Sorry but if you wash nappies each time on min 40 and usually 60 you don't have to do that vinegary thing cos the 60 deg kills bacteria. The smell left is ammonia build up so a good scoop of powder and lots of rinsing will sort that. Occasionally I would get them out, smell them, then put them back in for another wash and line dry and they were perfect.

I have just finished 3.5 years of nappy washing including 13m with 2 bums in them and never once had to do anything with vinegar, essential oils or this 'stripping' business. Cos I washed them in hot water with enough detergent and plenty of rinsing each time. So there!

Goddamit I have earned my right to come and preach to new mums on nappy washing threads grin

<<reminds self to get round to putting perfect nappies on the for sale threads smile>>

fadingfast Thu 18-Sep-08 09:06:15

Thanks everyone. I do use paper liners Giggle, but have never tried fleece ones so perhaps I'll give those a go. Can I just buy fleece and cut up myself or is the stuff you use for liners somehow 'special'?

Will also experiment with a bit more washing powder and extra rinses as suggested. As long as I don't need to soak them in the bucket rather than dry pail (my mum is convinced that is where I am going wrong!).

I do love the alchemy of everyone's different recipes for nappy washing with all their vinegars and essential oils smile

Am I the only person in the world who bungs nappisan in the washing machine?

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