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Potty or straight to loo

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Alibobster Tue 16-Sep-08 22:28:58

Thinking of starting potty training for ds, 26 months. Have tried putting him on the toilet on one of these child loo seats and he will sit there but never does anything. Would I be better off by trying to get him to use a potty. Any advice would be apreciated, really don't know where to start with all this

Flibbertyjibbet Tue 16-Sep-08 22:48:59

If he is not doing anything on a loo seat then he won't automatically start doing things on a potty. You might want to leave it for a bit.
Some people say straight to loo (they'll be along in a minute grin but I went to potty first.
My reasons:
child can get themself on and off potty and can get used to 'going' without help from mummy. Both our two got used to using potty by themselves and then progressed sort of by themselves to going themselves on the loo with a step.
You can take a potty out with you ie in car and use it if the child needs to go and you can't see a toilet.
My children go to nursery and they said they usually start with potty then progress to little toilet, so as they are the experts and I was a novice at this children thing I thought I'd go along with that!
If you don't have a downstairs loo you can keep a potty in the kitchen/garden etc wherever the child is for the first few days/weeks till they can think about getting to the bathroom without making a puddle on the way up the stairs.

My two were both a bit 'scared' of the loo at first, so the potty then loo system worked for us.

But all children are different.

LittlePushka Tue 16-Sep-08 23:09:58

I agree with Flibbertyjibbet. I just trained my DS 23mths and we used poty to strat with and once he was happily weing in potty I started to use toilet also.

I would recommend a soft seat insert, with handles (these made huge difference to my DS)and with a guard at the front (willies tend to rise up and wee over the top if not). Be careful about him catching his willy on it as he gets off though.

I liked the insert becase I can let him sit there comfortably without holding him and he does not feel like he is falling down the pan. very useful if waiting about for a poo. H is also at a better height for talking when I am sat on the edge of the bath waiting with him.

Also, if you are out and about if DS can use both happily then he wont be freaked if one or the other is not available.

I would also have a go at going outside in case you get caught short. There is a knack to doing t with boys (rising wees again!). Suggest weeing into a puddle wherever possible on such occasions, makes it a but more fun!

Twinklemegan Tue 16-Sep-08 23:15:31

DS and the potty didn't work so we went straight to the loo. He was quite happy straight away to sit on a soft loo seat, so I summised that he just found the cheap potty too uncomfortable (a clue was when he went to get his big teddy bear and sat on that!). Anyhow, he is now doing wees on the loo but I'm very conscious that he is unable to have the same control. I'm thinking of trying a potty again now he's getting the idea of what to do.

ches Wed 17-Sep-08 03:04:12

We went straight to the loo for a variety of reasons. DS being able to go independently wasn't really something of importance to us as he was 14 months at the time...

To get "something happening" when he's on the toilet, try fortuitous timing. First thing in the morning worked a charm for us, and the little man was completely terrified the first time he made a wee and said "uh-oh" every time he weed, nappy or toilet, for the next week. Straight after a nap is another good time to try.

Twinklemegan Wed 17-Sep-08 21:55:15

You know what DS (aged 2) said the first time he did a wee on the toilet? Waterfall! Awwww.

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