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wants a nappy for pooing

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kaz70 Mon 15-Sep-08 19:59:22

My nearly 3 year old son has been weeing in the toilet for past 6 months, but every time he needs a poo he insists on having a nappy on, he will then go and hide somewhere (has always done this), then comes back for me to take nappy off. He gets really distressed if i tell him there's no nappies left etc (he will go and get his baby bruv's nappy to wear). Don't know how to get him out of this, any ideas???
Also, he has no interest of using a potty.

Mercy Mon 15-Sep-08 20:11:31

It's normal ime.

Ds was like this until he was just over 4. One day I just persuaded him and it worked (no idea what I said or did was any different to the previous numerous times tbh)

We've not had any problems since then so far.

Not very helpful I know but just wanted to share my experience!

Icanseethesea Mon 15-Sep-08 20:21:13

DD1 did this until she was nearly 4. Then one day she just did it in the toilet.
My advice would be, just go with it and don't make a fuss. smile

WigWamBam Mon 15-Sep-08 20:28:50

Relax, ease up on him and let him have his nappy. It's not hurting anything, and trying to force the issue could cause problems for him. The more fuss you make, the more he can use it as a control issue, apart from anything else.

This affects more children than you would imagine. Dd did it for 18 months after she was dry in the day - she would scream the place down if you even suggested she use the toilet. It just wasn't worth the fuss, and it certainly wasn't worth risking her becoming constipated - which she did if we tried to insist on her using the toilet.

It will happen, eventually - he is still very little.

gagarin Mon 15-Sep-08 20:36:45

kaz - keep the nappies in the bathroom/toilet and put the nappy on him in that room.

Explain that poos really want to go down the toilet & feel sad if they dont - so would he please do his poo in the bathroom.

Then when he's been take it off and (gross...) squidge a bit of the poo down the loo and get him to wave it goodbye as he flushes the toilet.

After he's got used to doing the poo in his nappy in the bathroom then ask him to do his poo in his nappy while sitting on the potty or toilet (his choice). If he refises don't keep nagging.

Then (and this sounds weird) try cutting a hole in the nappy so he can have the security of the nappy while he poos in the potty/down the toilet!

Or - just leave it until he's bigger!

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