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wants a nappy for pooing

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kaz70 Mon 15-Sep-08 19:58:18

My nearly 3 year old son has been weeing in the toilet for past 6 months, but every time he needs a poo he insists on having a nappy on, he will then go and hide somewhere (has always done this), then comes back for me to take nappy off. He gets really distressed if i tell him there's no nappies left etc (he will go and get his baby bruv's nappy to wear). Don't know how to get him out of this, any ideas???
Also, he has no interest of using a potty.

babymumof1 Mon 15-Sep-08 21:14:54


DOnt have any first hand experience but my sister has a little boy who had problems with using the toilet to do a pooand she asked her health visitor and was told that sometimes children have a sense that they are losing part of themselves when they poo and that frightens them and that is why they dont like to poo in the toilet.

My sister started a chart and encouraged him when he did poo in the toilet by giving him treats and praise but not causing any distress if he didn't go to the toilet and done it in his pants. Believe me if you knew my sister it must have been tourcher for her to have him poo his pants but she created no fuss just prasied him when he asked for the toilet and now he goes and granted he wants a treat but it is early days.

Good luck with that. My son is not yet two and i am not looking forward to potty training.

Hope that helps?

dscully Sat 27-Sep-08 22:49:12

Hi, my boy is 3.6, was weeing wonderfully in the loo but refused to poo, sometimes holding it in for as long as 4 days, even after putting a nappy on. Because I felt that he was actually old enough to understand that he needed to go and had got into a bit of a habit (we were advised not to make a big deal of it and it would sort itself out on its own - it didnt) so we waited until we knew he was desperate and put a potty next to him and for an hour and a half just kept repeating - do it on the potty. Lots of screaming and crying and eventually he was left with no optiion but to - he was very upset with himself, we made a big fuss, stickers, choc buttons, rang grandparents etc and have continued. That week 3 potty poos, 2 pants poos(both at nursery). No accidents last week and today took himself to toilet, sat down and pooed on own on loo for first time ever. You could see if next few months it sorts itself out, or just decide thats it and stick to it(very hard when they are crying etc) we were very supernanny calm about it. good luck

Washersaurus Sat 27-Sep-08 22:51:40

Have you tried putting the nappy in the potty? Saying that I ended up using the shouty screamy scare the hell out him approach - it made me feel terrible for losing it, but DS1 nows poos freely when before he was holding it in for days and days.

Twiga Sat 27-Sep-08 23:03:28

Our dd just turned 3 and has been dry during the day for months but she hangs on most of the time til bedtime when she has a nappy to poo. It's immensly frustrating as she knows she needs to go but will wait for the nappy, that said in the last couple of days she has taken herself off to the toilet and managed there - beginning to feel like we're getting there so maybe it's just a case of letting time take it's course. We've been bribing with "shiney pennies" whenever she manages and when she has enough change we're off to the shop for a treat of her choice.

Think part of the issue for us is that she and ds had a very nasty diahorea bug which went on for a week (bad enought that FIL came over from NI to help us out) just as she was getting the hang of things - feel this really set her back/made her worry about things. The other thing is she's our eldest and number 3 is due in Dec and I think to some extent it's her way of staying little - she's a bright wee thing and we feel in part it's a def decision that she makes as can do when she wants.

I think that staying calm is key although that said I've really shouted a few times out of frustration when she kept having accidents in pants - the nappy at night is a def improvement! Bribery and lots of praise seem to work too.

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