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18mth old getting wheals and blisters with cloth nappies.

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hairycaterpillar Sat 13-Sep-08 19:15:28

I have used cloth with my first 2 DC with no problems.

DS2 has been in cloth from shortly after birth except at night. He is now 18mths and for the last couple of months I have had to resort to disposables because he is now getting a horrible reaction to cloth. His bottom is red and has large painful wheals and blisters within the hour generally.

I've tried washing without powder and in vinegar etc but no change.

Anyone got other suggestions that might help?

(I have MEOS,Bamboo,fluffles and all have the same reaction generally.)

morocco Sun 14-Sep-08 22:57:50

what kind of barrier cream do you use? dd is like this and I finally gave in and followed my mum's advice of vaseline - and it worked a treat! as my mum said it would [grin}
do all your nappies have fleece inners? could he be allergic?

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