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Should I try to go for no diaper at night??

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Lua Wed 23-Feb-05 21:45:58

DD is 27 months. She has been dry during day time since 23 months. She has been kind of dry at night for a few weeks now. I am convinced that the one or two nights the diaper were wet she did it conciously when she worke up. She wakes us up in the middle of the night when she need to go.
I think is really silly to keep using disposable diapers! However, DH is really worried a change will disturb her sleep again (we had a rough time a month ago!). Should I go for some kind of trainer pants or take the plunge?
suggestions would be very wellcome!

toomanypushchairs Wed 23-Feb-05 21:59:48

Oooh scary... Think that sometimes they wet just because they've got a nappy on.

vickyD Thu 24-Feb-05 16:21:32

Put a waterproof sheet on the bed, and give it a go! Tell her that if she wakes up needing a wee she must either go on her own (if she does) or call you. Tell her she'll get a present in the morning if she has managed to stay dry ok, but obviously don't make too much of a big deal if she has an accident.
Take the plunge if she has had a few dry nights! Mine used to wake and wee first thing, but it took me a while to realise this. Once i wnt for it and told him what we were doing, he was fine, and has never wet the bed.

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