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Near constant night waking for potty - any experience? what to do??

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Chaotica Thu 11-Sep-08 23:07:01

DD is 2.4, has been potty training for a couple of weeks and is almost always dry in the day (for the last few days). We've been using nappies for night and nap times.

But now, since she's been doing such a good job in the day, she's started waking very frequently (or is just not able to sleep), saying she wants to do a wee in the potty.

I know it's good she's waking (as she knows she need to wee), but she's not able to use the potty herself even in the day and calls for me and DP. I don't want to put her off waking and make her use a nappy, but if she's not dry at night, is she ready to go without? (She goes much longer in the day than she does at night at the moment.)

Help! She's usually a really good sleeper and it's upsetting her (as well as the rest of the house).

ches Fri 12-Sep-08 02:15:00

It sounds to me like she's practicing her new skill and in a week or two she'll settle back down. My DS often says "wee wee" in the night when he wakes up, but if I try to put him on the loo he's very clear that he doesn't want to, and so I ignore it. He usually doesn't say it again, and instead asks to nurse. He's dry during the day, and had one dry night, but nurses so much before bed that he has a big wee while still asleep around 11pm so no way he's read to be in undies at night. He's also not 100% consistent with being dry until morning, so doesn't even go into undies after he's changed in the night. I'm of the opinion that you can potty train them during the day, but the nights will take care of themselves.

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