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Cloth nappies for potty training

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SlowDown Thu 11-Sep-08 21:48:54

Am wondering what to do as the next nappy option for dd 22 months. We have a full set of pre-folds plus some tots bots and motherease one size at the mo. However with dc1 I found nappies+wraps not very easy during potty training, just too tricky to get them off and on. I'm thinking of getting some Minki Yoyo pocket nappies and using the pre-folds to stuff them. Does anyone know whether this would be a good plan? She needs new wraps anyway so thought the Minki Yoyo's might be a better investment. I would think she has at least 6 months still in nappies...

SlowDown Thu 11-Sep-08 21:50:58

Plus, how many would I need if washing every 3 days and air-drying. Thank you!

SlowDown Fri 12-Sep-08 20:13:47


BigBadMousey Sat 13-Sep-08 09:51:50

tbh I would buy Yoyos with caution at that age unless she is very big for her age. They are quite generous in fit and if the fit isn't right you are going to get leaks (from what is a very expensive nappy). I'd try just buying one for now and seeing how you get on. They work quite well with prefolds but make sure you buy the standard yoyo not the slinki becasue the slinki cannot take that much bulk.

If you get just the one at first you should be able to work out how long they last on her and thus how many you will need per day. Drying times vary so much from house to house that it is hard to say with any accuracy how long things might take to dry. I'm assuming you know how long it takes your prefolds to dry - Yoyos dry very quickly. How many you will need will depend on how quickly she soaks through the prefold stuffing. (Hope that makes sense blush).

I'm a bit hmm about whether they would work for you tbh - I think if these things were as great as they are made out to be everyone would use them for toddlers.

There are other nappies out there that can be used a pull ups (Sandy's, Toddlerease for eg) but they will need a wrap. You could also look into other pocket nappies. Pocket Bots are lovely, well designed and can be pulled up and down. I like the medium long size for my DCs. She also makes training pants and is very happy to advise what would suit you best. Be warned - the nappies are very pretty so if you are tempted by these sort of things don't visit the site on a 'weak' day grin.


BigBadMousey Sat 13-Sep-08 09:53:37

relevant thread here too

and forgot to mention - I trained DD1 with Bambino Mio training pants - they were great for when she was ready but they aren't designed to be absorbant unlike yoyos and pocket bots.

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