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eco bumbles -- anyone used?

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f1nut Thu 11-Sep-08 19:16:30

my mate suggested bumbles and was just looking on there site and saw the eco ones at a gobsmackingly low price of £3 each.

is that to good to be true though?

has anyone tried or know about them?

am new to all this real nappy lark, baby number 4 due any day and realy want to giv real nappies a go, money is tight but although cheap is good its gotta work aswell.

if this babs is at all like my other he will be long and skinny plus am also breastfeeding.

any thoughts would be fab

thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxx

CarGirl Thu 11-Sep-08 19:19:22

I think they will be fab.

They are the same as their nippa bumbles but they do not have the stuffing inside so you will have to buy your own stuffing to go inside.

I used bumbles from birth (although have 9lbers) without any stuffing in them and then added a thin booster on the outside when they got bigger and then used their proper booster in the middle bit when they were bigger still.

Does that help at all?

BigBadMousey Thu 11-Sep-08 19:32:19

Well worth a try. They are a recent addition so not many people have used them yet. They are very adaptable and will suit a young baby as they shouldn't be too bulky with unneccessary built in boosters. If you have a very small baby they may be a bit big at first around the middle. They dry quickly too - you add boosters (such as microfibre dishcloths) as you need them. The Bumble itself is very absorant just with a terry insert (but it has an extra layer of terry built in which the eco bumble doesn't have).

The whole easy peasy range is very good - the fit is excellent. They suit both my DD2 who is long and thin and DS who is much more chubby. I would recommend you avoid tots bots if you are expecting a long baby - their size 1 are quite low rise. Kissiluvs are the same. Whatever you do just buy a few of anything at first - if you like them once you've tried them out then buy more.

Wrap wise I would very much recommend a Motherease Airflow wrap over any shaped nappy - bombproof and high rise.


f1nut Thu 11-Sep-08 20:51:46

cheers cargirl and mousey, theres so much choice its a bit daunting.

gonna order a couple just to try, already have some flexi tots and lollipop plus im thinking i gotta buy a blueberry as there so cute.

i can see this nappie lark getting quite addictive, cheaper i sopose than my current buggy addiction, lol

thanks xxxxxxxx

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