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DS2 is two and a half do i try and get the potty training started?

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reban Thu 11-Sep-08 18:50:37

Hi DS2 will be two and a half in october when he will start pre-school playgroup 3 mornings a week. They do not change nappies so if your child is still in nappies and does a poo they telephone you to come and change nappy. Also i am due dc4 in december so really didnt want him to still be in nappies then. I had great ideas of getting him potty trained over the summer when we would have nice dry weather, no school runs to do etc, but obviously that didnt happen.
So the question is do i spend the next 3 weeks trying to force the issue? I have honestly not tried at all so i dont know how he will react. My mom has had some success with potty at her house so maybe i am just being lazy, but also his speech and communication is not great either.
Argh why are the boys not like my daughter who potty trained herself at 2??

LadyOfWaffle Thu 11-Sep-08 23:27:16

My DS is 2.5 and no way ready to be potty trained. I am shock that they don't change nappies though!

ches Fri 12-Sep-08 02:11:04

If you're ready and prepared to go at your DS's pace, go for it. It sounds to me like your mum has got the ball rolling and you just have to pick it up and run with it. Rather now than trying closer to your due date only to have regression when the wee one arrives, or even worse, trying after the arrival of the little one.

Yanda Fri 12-Sep-08 09:05:56

They ring you go and change a nappy!? Why do they bother accepting those that are not potty trained then? I'm shock too!

reban Fri 12-Sep-08 14:51:32

They say they will only accept them if the parent agrees to come and change a pooey nappy if it occurs. My ds1 attended there last year and he wasnt potty trained until 3 months in. I think i and my mom probably got about 5 calls in all that time, and i know there were other times when we were not available and they just changed him. There policy is they dont have enough staff to change nappies. hmm But its a lovely preschool so ill just have to put up with it if i cant get him trained by then

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