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DD is 2.10 and not yet toilet-trained.

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Swedes Thu 11-Sep-08 11:56:40

She is my third child. DSs 1 & 2 were sorted out by the time they were 2 (DS2 was dry and clean day and night by the time he was 18 months). I didn't really have to do anything - just buy pants, a potty, reducer and a step. I've done that. She's in pants and has done her first wee in the potty. I applauded heartily. But I'd like to go and meet a friend for lunch?

What do I do?

Swedes Thu 11-Sep-08 12:16:37


Shoegazer Thu 11-Sep-08 12:20:24

Either be prepared for the accidents, stay in and invite your friend over or put her in a pull up, be very pleased that she has done her first wee in the potty and make a mental note to start properly potty training another time. Its only her first wee in the potty and you won't scupper all future attempts by putting her in a pull up to go out as long as you haven't told her she will be in big girl pants from now on. In which case you might have to just go with the flow so to speak as its her first day there maybe quite a few.

Swedes Thu 11-Sep-08 12:25:45

Shoegazer - thanks smile

<faints at idea of going with the flow>

Shoegazer Thu 11-Sep-08 12:30:54

I know, you should have seen me taking DD to sainsburys on day 2 of potty training in her big girl knickers. I was envisaging a pool of wee in the middle of the vegetable aisle and me trying desperately to clean it up whilst getting lots of "looks" from the other shoppers. I actually told her that Mr Sainsbury doesn't like wee or poo on his floor, it makes him cross. 1/2 hour later and it was the first time she asked for a wee. It seems it ok to do it on my floor, but Mr Sainsbury clearly commands much more respect lol

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