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Does any one else play 'Poo Russian Roulette' and live to regret it?

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JuneBugJen Thu 11-Sep-08 09:35:50

Just did the sniff test on his bottom whilst out and about with ds.It wasn't conclusive so did a foolish thing and shoved finger in the side of his nappy.


Poo all over finger, needed 2 hands to get wipes out of bag so poo all over bag. It was a poo frenzy.

Am I the only idiot who does this?

StormInanEcup Thu 11-Sep-08 09:44:32

Message withdrawn

JuneBugJen Thu 11-Sep-08 09:46:13

Thank God its not just me who is a doofus then!

Shoegazer Thu 11-Sep-08 12:17:16

Yes have done that too, known as a finger of fudge in our house blush

SoupDragon Thu 11-Sep-08 12:18:36

I went in for a sniff and ended up with poo on my nose because the nappy was full to the brim.

JuneBugJen Thu 11-Sep-08 12:25:52

lol shoe and soup!!

Cant believe you actually have a name for it shoe!

Karst Thu 11-Sep-08 18:03:34

Actually, the first time I changed her it came there and then. Baptism by fire. No better way to start! ;)

lollipopmother Thu 11-Sep-08 19:02:08

Oh Jesus, I just cackled like an old witch at the OP! It has never crossed my mind that this could be part and parcel of changing a nappy, but I am sure I will end up doing the same once I finally have my baby, and by God am I happy that I'm now prepared for it! grin

kt14 Thu 11-Sep-08 20:06:41

lol at this! Been there, done it, made mistake of giving DS2 raisins and apple today resulting in vile exploding nappy later on.
Ended up clinging to one of his feet while the rest of him twisted madly in mid air and poo went everywhere. Nice.

The worst bit is trying to get the smell off your hands, yuck. Have chapped hands from endless scrubbing due to paranoia that i might smell of poo..

AnyFuleKno Thu 11-Sep-08 20:39:17

yes did that this morning - went to pull the back of the nappy out to have a peep and squelch. Under the fingernails and everything!

Totally identify with the clinging onto a pooey child by one ankle kt14. This is how I ended up with it on my jeans yesterday, bleurgh...

Nappyzoneneedssleep Thu 11-Sep-08 21:26:30

We did this the first night bought dd home - we were not sure if she had or not and didnt dare wake the little bomb to check so dh did the finger thing - it was a code brown and desperate not to wake her up as so desperate for sleep i forbid dh from moving the bed to get out and wash his finger grin.

lollipopmother Thu 11-Sep-08 22:34:05

Haha, the term Code Brown is brilliant, I'm storing all these up!

ILikeYourSleeves Thu 11-Sep-08 22:38:37

Bleurgh I hadn't even thought of sticking my finger in the nappy! I always sniff and usually it's unmistakable if DS has pooed, HONKING!

I do play russian roulette though when DS is naked, I kiss and blow raspberries on his belly and hope he doesn't pee a fountain all over my head!

Nappyzoneneedssleep Fri 12-Sep-08 17:25:00

we had trouble identifying newborn poo as it doesnt smell as rancid as toddler poo - newborn poo smells of milkyness and can be easily missed hence our incident!

JuneBugJen Fri 12-Sep-08 17:28:23

Cannot believe not only am I NOT the only idiot who does this but that there two names for it : Code Brown and finger of fudge!!

Nappyzoneneedssleep Fri 12-Sep-08 17:54:03


Essie3 Fri 12-Sep-08 18:19:39

May I introduce you to the term Poonami, in current usage on the June postnatal thread? When it comes in waves, covering everything in its path...
I thought I was being clever by pinching the side of the nappy with my thumb and forefinger (no sticking fingers and getting them covered in poo for me, no siree!) but it created a gaping hole from which the (runny, breastfed) poo slid, lava-from-mount-Etna-like, into my lap. Once it's on you, all the baby wipes in the world are useless.

So also a doofus. Or a poo-fus?

JuneBugJen Fri 12-Sep-08 18:53:31

Poonami grin

FlirtyThirty Thu 18-Sep-08 11:13:49

I have not laughed so much in a long time...thank you so much ladies!!!

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