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what's a good newborn nappy these days then ?

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TheodoresMummy Mon 08-Sep-08 20:43:02

Just found out i'm PG and am very excited about tiny nappies - I blame the hormones wink

Used pocket nappies with DS, but didn't discover cloth until he was 18 months or so.

Wishlist: fairly slim
quick drying (no tumble drier)
stays soft

Love swaddlebees organic velour, but seems a bit silly to buy a load of those just to cover them up with a wrap.

Just saw some motherease sandys that look very similar. Anyone use those ?

I would like to use wool wraps/longies. Are there certain nappies/materials that work better with wool than others ?

Are fluffles any good on a newborn ? Why are they being discontinued ?

Thanks ladies. smile

BigBadMousey Mon 08-Sep-08 21:15:28

With DS I mainly use Sandy's, Fuzzis and Fluffles.

Sandy's - I LOVE these (lots blush). They are fantastic but they aren't the quickest drying nappy. We don't use the tumble drier but do have a washer drier should I want to dry them in that - I have once. The fit on a newborn is excellent. I have a mix of bamboo and cotton, the bamboo is thin fitting and stays wonderfully soft but takes longer to dry. They are so strokeable. The cotton ones can go a bit crunchy over time but I use huge fleece liners to keep them soft against his bottom.

Fuzzis - which I use for days when he needs something slim fitting (he's a heavy wetter so I have to change them often). They have been (surprisingly) very relaible with newborn BF poo for a pocket nappy. They are quick drying (as you probably already know).

Fluffles - excellent fit (I use the nippa fit) and lovely and soft. They make a good newborn nappy but are a bit on the bulky side. They were discontinued to make space for the flexitot (apparently hmm). They are quick drying and soft. You'll have to bid for some on ebay if you want new now - they are very popular atm of course.

The swaddlebees OV are a different fit to the Sandy's. The OV is prone to holding stains. I think Sandy's are a better bet - I believe the drying time and trimmness is similar to Sandy's.

The Bimble QD would be a good bet for you and what I would recommend - it fits all your criteria. I would couple it with a MOtherease Airflow wrap - Rikkis are very stiff around the tummy on a newborn IMO.

Photos on my profile show fit of sandys, fluffles and others on a newborn.

Ceolas Tue 09-Sep-08 13:13:20

I used Bimbles and found them great. Size 0 very cute but not terribly economical. Think DD3 wore them for about 2 months hmm

They dry fairly quickly and even if the cotton's crunchy, it's fleecy next to the baby's skin.

Ceolas Tue 09-Sep-08 13:14:39

Oh and I had 2 of the newborn swaddlebees, that were the most gorgeous nappies I'd ever seen, but at 8lbs 9oz, DD was too big for them

needaholiday Tue 09-Sep-08 21:04:24

if you want really teeny nappies you could try a mini quick flip from here if there aren't any there just ask. They are tiny though, if you're expecting a bigger baby try a small. The wraps are great too and have never yet leaked for us. And they are soooooo pretty. Ooh newborn fluff! Lucky you grin

morocco Tue 09-Sep-08 21:21:23

twinkleontheweb have got some size one fluffles on sale atm, get em quick!!

I loved ellas house hemp day nappies on little babies, so slim fitting. I found them to dry fine as they are slim and mine didn't go hard either but I know some people don't like them because of that

DonutMum Wed 10-Sep-08 19:39:24

Hiya, I put a blueberry pocket nappy on my new born - the snap fastening size 1 in orange. VVVVV Cute. MW said she wanted to have another baby so she could have the nappies lol! I've been using the blueberry onesize with aplix fastening since he was born (he was a chunky 8lb3.5ozs) and, along with the bumgenious pocket nappy, they're my faves. Also like the ellas house hemp and tot bots terry towelling ones - I've found the fluffles and flexitot not as good. Can't beat the motherease wraps with the snap fastening. Motherease onesize are great for when they're older, but they swamp him right now at 5.5kg and 9 weeks old.

jellyforbrains Wed 10-Sep-08 20:00:28

I have been using newborn terries on my 7 wk old DC3 (as I did with DC2), and she is starting to grow out of them now. I use them so much for other things though I have not found them to be a waste of money - you could use them to stuff pocket nappies if you go for those later. They dry really quickly, and although they only last a couple of hours for my baby as she's a heavy wetter, she poos a lot anyway so a thicker nappy would be a 'waste' as I would be having to take it off before it was very wet.

I also use a mix of other nappies - I have loads as DC2 is still in nappies. I use shaped nappies for out and about (so I don't have to change as often and less risk of leakage if I can't change the nappy immediately) and for the longer stretches of sleep. I like Sandys and have a couple. They contain poos really well and fit nicely. Obviously they take longer to dry but no longer than some others, like the shaped bamboo nappies.

I have something like a fluffle that I got from Lollipop - it's their own brand but the same kind of fabric, and they fit a newborn.

DC2 uses onelife (like a motherease onesize) as a day to day nappy, and DC3 will prob have these when she grows out of her shaped nappies in the smaller size (am hoping that DC2 will be potty trained by then).

I have not gone down the wool wrap route at all thoguh, so have no idea if any of these work particularly well with those.

jellyforbrains Wed 10-Sep-08 20:06:38

ps. Forgot to mention that when I had DC1 I only had the onelife onesize and they were fine from birth (bulky but not ridiculously so). I had an overlap of 2 in nappies (an now I do again!), and that is why I got all the terries and extras. I have found the onesize to be really hard wearing and reliable and give a fairly slim fit on bigger babies and toddlers. They are not absorbant enough for overnight without boosting though.

ilovemydog Wed 10-Sep-08 20:06:51

both mine used sandy's extra small. Great! And then sold them for about a third of what I paid for them! smile

fourlittlefeet Wed 10-Sep-08 20:12:01

I won some cottontails on here and was going to use those (due Jan). are they any good?

wontbepreggersagain Thu 11-Sep-08 12:22:33

i have some swaddlebees newborn ocv needing a home if you are interested- they were stupidly expensive but worth every penny- i need to clear them out to fund the blueberry addiction grin

TheodoresMummy Fri 12-Sep-08 09:39:54

Thanks ladies.

Have no time to reply right now but will be back later.

Have just checked out the itty bitty d'lish (or something like that) on twinkle website and think they look fab !!! Any experience of those ?

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