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Advice on stopping "lifting" please!

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pulapula Mon 08-Sep-08 16:32:53

DD is 3.9 and although potty trained at 2, we waited til she was 3.6 to stop nighttime nappies as she always had really full nappies in the morning (and we had DS when she was 2.6 so didn't want the hassle to be honest- nights were disturbed enough!).

The first week we had accidents most nights (she generally wouldn't wake up) so we started lifting before we went to bed at 11pm.

We have very occassional accidents still (sometimes before 11 if she didn't wee at bedtime) or in the night and sometimes she'd wake up for a wee. But generally it works really well. Sometimes she doesn't do a wee and is still dry by morning.

DH is happy to carry this on, but I am thinking that maybe we should stop and see how she manages this time round. Three months on she might be different.

Any views or experiences?

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