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Why is my toilet trained two year old p****ing on the floor all day suddenly?

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littleducks Sat 06-Sep-08 14:03:50

Am going to get dr to check urine for sign of infection (she had one previously while in nappies)

But why else could she be doing this, she seems to quite enjoy it, hv reckons its behavioural. She was trained in the summer and 100% sucessfully dry and clean, she asks to go etc. But this week it has gone.

The other day she got through 8 pairs of pant, worse than when we were training her and she just satnds still no attempt to get to toilet.

Im trying to stay calm but dh is getting mightly cross now.

bubblagirl Sun 07-Sep-08 12:03:52

she is still so young so getting cross would not be the right reaction

just calm and sit her straight on potty even if already weed and say we wee wee on the potty not the floor and keep doing it

it may be to get a reaction so dont give it and when sitting on potty praise her for being on piotty lots of positive praise ignore bad behaviour and keep putting on potty even if already been and praise all the time well done for being on potty what a big girl

if all ok with urine then probably best my ds went through small phase and thrived so much on the positive attention i was giving him i used to have start stickers and put on for sitting on potty if alrready had accident i made no mention just for the sitting on the potty gave star sticker it passed and all became second nature again

good luck

Bridie3 Sun 07-Sep-08 12:05:07

She may be getting a cold--sometimes that makes them regress.

cmotdibbler Sun 07-Sep-08 20:02:43

DS's nursery reckon its a very common stage that they go through - at first its all v exciting and lots of fuss for using the potty/toilet and then it gets a bit boring, so they see what happens.

Don't get angry, don't make a fuss, and just big up the behaviour you do want, and just do the 'oh dear, here are the clean pants' when she has an accident. It passses in a couple of weeks at most apparently

WigWamBam Sun 07-Sep-08 20:04:29

The other thing to do is make her help you to clean it up. It might not seem quite such an interesting thing to do then.

H1robot Wed 10-Sep-08 23:03:50

I am going through same thing here. My dd is 2and half and trained really well about 4 months ago. She can go a week with no accidents then one randon day she will have several accidents. We have just been away for 5 days in all new surroundings and had no problems whatsoever. Back home today and 3 wet floors!! she even laughed with the last one and gets very excited if I put her back in pull ups.
I know everyone says stay calm but it is starting to wear me down abit!
To top it off she has been dry every night for about 6 months, if she needs to pee in the night she wakes us up!!
Any advice or just tell me this is normal and will pass.....

furrycat Wed 10-Sep-08 23:08:27

My son did this for several months. In the end I threatened to put him back in nappies. We did for one day, then he didn't want to wear it again and stopped.

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