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If you had £60 of Mothercare vouchers with which to buy size 2 nappies, what would you get?

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Ceolas Sat 06-Sep-08 10:21:34

I can order from the online selection and pay instore with the vouchers.

DD is 12 months old and 19lbs. Currently in size 1 Bimbles. Am considering Bumbles or Flexitots, but open to suggestions

MrsJamin Sat 06-Sep-08 10:59:11

Ooh I'd go for either Bumgenius or Modern Baby - they're all in ones rather than 2-parters so it depends what you like. They look really pretty, easy to use (for childcare/grandparents etc).

BigBadMousey Sat 06-Sep-08 16:23:53

Definitely NOT

Bambino Mio - leak
Smart Nappy - leak
Bamboozles - not v absorbant low rise
Kushies - size 2 is huge
One Life - awful fit for us, not v absorbant
NB Stuffable - leak


Organic tots bots - but rise a bit low for us
Flexitot - just not convinved (although they are lovely) - I don't like that hidden microfibre core - if it doesn't dry properly then it's going to smell.
Babeco Hemp - but only if I could tumble them


Bambinex - lovely fit, absorbant
Wonderoos - rarely leak, good for older DCs, don't like the fit on a newborn though
Bumbles - love them, fantastic nappy in many ways, absorbant, good fit, stuffable fleece lined
BG V3- rarely leak, thin fit
Babeco Bamboo Velour - apparently very nice but not held one yet.

Of course, I'd top up my stash somewhere else where they offered good customer service once I'd spent my vouchers grin

stringerbell Sun 07-Sep-08 08:43:12

Message withdrawn

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