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Reusable nappies...............................

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trinityrocks Mon 21-Feb-05 17:31:49

Hi, I'm due to have my second baby in 6 weeks and I bought a job lot of stuff from a friend of mine that is definitely not having anymore children so I got cot system, sterilizer, bouncy chair highchair so on and so on and reusable nappies lots of which have never been used and were quite an expensive set to start with. I was wondering if they are worth the effort as I would like to give it a go. I didn't do it with my first purely because I don't think I even gave them a thought!!! silly first time mum just automatically used disposables lol.
I seem to have differing sizes of nappy shaped outer things that do up with velcro and differing sized pads that you fold up to put in the outer cover. My friend said that you just buy a nappy bin and some sort of detergent stuff to put in it so that they can wait till it's a load of washing and paper liner type things so that you can just throw that and the poos down that loo. Is that how you do it and does it seem like I should give it a go. My first child is going to be 5 when the baby is due, thanks for listening

BevB Mon 21-Feb-05 18:12:08

Hi, I use reuseables and they are so easy, you will need a lidded bucket/bin to put the dirty ones in but I don't bother with a soak I just line the bucket with a mesh laundry bag and put the dirty nappies in it making it easy to take out and put in the washing machine. you can use paper liners but they tend to act like a slide and encourage the contents to find their way out so I use fleece which can be cut from an old fleece jumper.
I could go on for ages and probably tell you stuff you already know but if you have any questions I'd quite happily try and answer them.

lunavix Mon 21-Feb-05 18:13:44

I've started with ds at 9 months, and am loving them. Saving a fortune and they are so much cuter too.

The Nappy Lady however suggests starting with disposables if you find it a struggle with the newborn - then perhaps using the reusables after the first 6 - 8 weeks when you and the baby have settled in.


trinityrocks Mon 21-Feb-05 18:17:36

Thankyou soooooooooo much for your advice bevb and lunavix, I would love to give it a go and I know absolutely nothing about any of it so all advice would be appreciated thanks again

lunavix Mon 21-Feb-05 18:19:48

Which ones do you have? Which makes?

YOu need the liners (fleece or paper is best) then the nappy (which can be velcro - aplix - poppers, or using a nappy nippa - a new version of the nappy pin!) and nappy wraps - the waterproof cover (again, poppers or velcro).
You can get such cute ones too, it becomes an addiction for a lot of mums, although you are very lucky to have some for free

trinityrocks Mon 21-Feb-05 18:29:56

Hi, I have Bambino Mio nappy wraps that do up with velcro and bambino mia nappies that are prefold nappies.

The nappy wraps are really cute with different pictures on (i could see me getiing silly about them too lol)they are 100% cotton.

lunavix Mon 21-Feb-05 18:36:56

Sounds great I personally am a lover of totsbots, bumbles and kissaluvs, only because they all come in lovely pastel colours and ds looks gorgeous is blue and green nappies

hub2dee Sun 27-Feb-05 01:19:08

BevB, great tip to put nappies into mesh bag in the nappy bucket.

I'm just embarking on nappy research for our first due this Summer and I'd been trying to figure out how one gets grubby contents into machine without geting icky...


bensmum3 Sun 27-Feb-05 09:21:03

I flush mine in the loo, hold onto the nappy and hold it in the flow of water, then soak in plain water in a big lidded bucket I got from a DIY shop, until there's enough for a wash, empty the water from the bucket and put the nappies in the machine,(if there in a net bag its really easy) wash my hands and it's done, really not ikky.
Some people may disagree, but I think the cotton wraps are fine for tinies, but may leak as baby gets older,as they wick the wet onto the outside.
We use meos,airflow wraps, tots bots and fleece wraps.
Ds is 20 months and has only had nappy rash once when teething.
Real nappies are great, no chemicals next to babys skin, kind to the environment, and can save you money !
Look out for you local nappy network, great for advice and help.

pixiefish Sun 27-Feb-05 10:01:52

I'm about to start with my dd who's 1. Only wish I'd started earlier but I always thought that cloth nappies meant terry squares. Anyway, I found this super site called babykind. They have advisors/agents and I went to my agents house and had could actually see and feel the nappies. I could also chat to her- what she used etc and follow her recommendations. here's the link
I ordered the basics from babykind, through the agent and am going to have alook around for extras.
Once you've seen the nappies and know the sort of thing you want then why not try this WAHM internet marketplace loads of links to different sites

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