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Two problems.....

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nab Mon 21-Feb-05 15:58:19

I have a boy who will be 4 in March and is dry in the day. No chance of no nappy at night. Been put to bed for odd afternoon sleep without a nappy for a couple of weeks. Every time woke up with a wet bed, even when he has done a wee before going to bed. Refused to try today so another washload no doubt... Child number 2, a girl, aged 18months. Keeps telling me poo, poo but nothing there. Still very early to try and train but she has started the process. BUT will not sit on loo or potty. Finally did at the weekend and was rewarded with a chocolate button but I don't think she realised how clever she was, or was that bothered by having a choc. Any ideas??

vickyD Mon 21-Feb-05 21:33:38

It isn't unusual to still be using nappies at night on a 4 yr old. You'll probably know when he is ready. Presumably you are using cloth nappies?? It would seem you need more padding in his night nappy - what kind is it you are using? Or perhaps you are using disps. In which case, I'm not sure what to recommend!
As for DD, like you say, it is still early days, but you've made a good start. No need to push it too hard, I wouldn't have thought, but if you keep the idea of potty associated with nappy change, perhaps encourage her to sit on it during each nappy change. Then when you feel she is ready to try potty training properly, have her round the house with no nappy/clothes on bottom half, and encourage her to sit on potty every now and then. Girls usually love to do "grown up" things, and eventually she'll wee in it, and this will become more regular. until it's the norm at home. Then, you venture outside with no nappy!

Gwenick Mon 21-Feb-05 21:35:56

My DS1 was 4 last September and is still in nappies at night too

trinityrocks Tue 22-Feb-05 07:47:23

My DD is 5 in march and she has only been out of nappies at night for the past 7 ish months so don't worry at all about your boy, it will come and usually it's happens all of a sudden and you wonder what you had been worrying about
Your little girl sounds like she's totally on the right track, she will get the hang of the choccie button being associated with doing a wee in her potty and then she'll be away.
Having said that she is still young and I wouldn't be bothered atall if she completely went off the idea for a while. My DD didn't sort out her daytime nappies until she was nearly 3 and then she just did it really quickly

nab Thu 24-Feb-05 15:17:04

If DD wasn't telling me I wouldn't even think about training her. She knows something but not enough, or else she wants a pink potty and not her brother's blue one... I was quite late starting with him as I wasn't fussed. Still annoys me when he sleeps in the day and wets the bed. Friend thinks he is lazy. I agreed but would feel awful if he really can't help it. It has been a year nearly since we started potty training (yes, using washables) and even though it has taken longer to get to the confident we can go out stage, I feel quite happy. The other day he even held it in Tesco while we found the loo. First time!! Not in a hurry with DD but don't want to hold her back. Today I offered pottty and tried to sit her on the loo but she refused. Put nappy and trousers on and then came in Potty, potty! Too late now, daft child.

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