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Where to buy my nappies!

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Yorkiegirl Mon 21-Feb-05 14:06:23

Message withdrawn

lunavix Mon 21-Feb-05 14:08:25

I've bought a mix

I got a trial pack from the nappy lady, but before that I got a couple second hand (to see what they were like) also got a few from other places (kittykins, twinkle etc) cos I wanted funky colours and things nappy lady didn't do!

I'm still thinking of placing my full order with them... but I do like the range of colours ( and pri ces!) on other sites

So basically as confused as you!

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 21-Feb-05 14:08:27

You've got me interested with these tots bots YG. What or who is the nappy lady?

Yorkiegirl Mon 21-Feb-05 14:09:44

Message withdrawn

pootlepod Mon 21-Feb-05 15:20:04

Not known the nappylady to reduce prices but I wouldn't be worried about 'losing 'the advice, since buying my nappies, if I had had a problem with them I have scouted around for it on the net/asked discussion forums. I have bought from babykind and found them very fast, also bought from nappylady, again very fast.

Totsbots sometimes have seconds available for a cheaper price, usually something with the stitching that doesn't affect the nappy's performance, you have to ring them directly though.

BadHair Mon 21-Feb-05 15:25:19

I got my Totsbots from bumdiddybaby who trade as sonda2 on ebay. They were cheaper than anywhere else if I remember rightly as the buy it now price included postage.
Just checked and they're still around.

bea Mon 21-Feb-05 15:34:56

it's a bit of a dilemna YorkieGirl, as i feel that if you got the advise from nappy lady, it would ne nice to get them from her... also all the advice she gives if free of charge so it would be good to give something back iykwim... however... when it comes to getting it cheaper... and finances and all that.. you would naturally go for the cheaper option...

i know exactly what you mean though, as i have had advice from the nappy lady and got my nappies from her and babykind! (they're very good on their promotions aren't they!!!?)

up to you i suppose... it's worth a try to phone her and ask her can she match the price... (spoken to morag before and she's very very nice)

good luck anyway... and look forward to your sunny days wheb all your gorgeous nappies are drying on the line... sorry that's a bit of an obcession of mine....

Yorkiegirl Mon 21-Feb-05 16:28:03

Message withdrawn

gingerbear Mon 21-Feb-05 16:39:21

didn't realise that you were a clothie. I used motherease and tots bots for DD. Sold the motherease to toothache, but I still have both size 1 (with a stitched in fleece liner) and size 2 velcro TBs. The size 1's would be too small for your DD2, but the size 2s should still fit. I was going to keep them in case I ever needed them again , but if you like I will have a look through - some are in a well worn state (crispy, not fluffy), some are tinged pink or blue, and on some the velcro is past its best.
If you want some to supplement those you intend to buy new, I could let you have some?

Yorkiegirl Mon 21-Feb-05 16:40:16

Message withdrawn

gingerbear Mon 21-Feb-05 16:43:59

DH used to say it looked as though I had been washing lambs when they were all drying on the line.
DD had a huge bum in them - you'll need some roomy leggings etc for DD. Think there are more and more places to buy clothes for clothies nowadays though.

Yorkiegirl Mon 21-Feb-05 16:58:16

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Mon 21-Feb-05 17:01:39

Message withdrawn

pootlepod Mon 21-Feb-05 20:09:18

I bought the bulk of my nappies from nappy lady, When I used other retailers it's mainly because she doesn't stock a particular sort or that I don't want to pay a high postage charge for a few items. IMO she does give a good service and in essence that's what you're paying for and I was happy to pay it.

clementine Mon 21-Feb-05 20:15:49

Hiya any news for me?

Yorkiegirl Mon 21-Feb-05 20:47:37

Message withdrawn

vickyD Mon 21-Feb-05 21:23:33

See my posting about the Leeds nappuccino, and go there for lots of info and advice!


clementine Mon 21-Feb-05 21:36:15

thats ok. As long as I know.

Yorkiegirl Mon 21-Feb-05 21:44:19

Message withdrawn

lunavix Mon 21-Feb-05 21:51:42

What's a nappucino?

Yorkiegirl Mon 21-Feb-05 22:04:18

Message withdrawn

lunavix Tue 22-Feb-05 13:14:30


If I move to Leeds or Shrewsbury it sounds just like the sort of thing I'd now love

Yorkiegirl Tue 22-Feb-05 13:21:41

Message withdrawn

Toothache Thu 24-Feb-05 07:56:47

Gingerbear - By the time DD was 3 months old and I decided to start using the nappies.... her thighs were too BIG!!! Poor soul... she has her mothers thighs.

So I still have motherease nappies and also 7 wraps for sale.... best offer anyone?

flamesparrow Thu 24-Feb-05 18:26:58

The nappy lady doesn't keep records for very long, and doesn't appear to keep notes of "ooh we gave her advice and she didn't buy".

I bought one from her to try it out (I think there was an offer for new customers with 10% off then or something), but the rest I got from the buzzness - they don't charge postage.

I got a few from ebay too.

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