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washing new nappies

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LadyBee Thu 04-Sep-08 16:29:09

I've just received my first 'new' nappies (bought second-hand before) - from geobel. I understand I should wash them several times?
Do I just put them through several wash cycles without drying (and wearing) in between or do they need the drying bit as well?

Roskva Thu 04-Sep-08 21:51:11

Apparently it's better to dry them in between washes - when I got new ones I just line dried them indoors overnight, then stuck them back in the wash with whatever was going in the next day. Wash them at least twice before you use them, otherwise expect leaks as they won't be fully absorbent, a bit like using new towels.

IdrisTheDragon Thu 04-Sep-08 21:53:16

I never dried between washing - did about three washes I think and didn't have any problems with leaks.

LadyBee Thu 04-Sep-08 23:15:36

okay, I'll bung them through a couple of washes and if it stops raining try to get them outside tomorrow.

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