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new baby and potty training.

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ang22 Wed 03-Sep-08 20:41:35

My 2 and half year old had gone three weeks with no accidents and always asking for the potty and thought we had cracked it. Now have new born baby and she has had three accidents every day. Tells me she does not need a wee and then two mins later wets herself. Does not even tell me when she has done this. Do you think it is attention seeking and should i still continue or resort back to nappies for a while which we have told we will do but she gets upset by this.

obsessivereader Wed 03-Sep-08 22:09:06

My dd is doing the same - I yelled at her today cos I was so frustrated that she'd just been sat on the loo and done nothing and then 2 mins later, she'd weed on the beanbag (not the easiest thing to launder!).

We've not got any new borns, but we have just got a puppy (who is also weeing everywhere! My house is a zone to be avoided at the moment!) I hadn't thought about it being for attention - I can't remember when this started.

Sorry, I've been no help have I just rambling on.

notnowbernard Wed 03-Sep-08 22:13:35

Happens a lot when a new baby arrives

Happened to dd1 when dd2 was born

You can either put her back in nappies for a while (I didn't, but with hinsight would have done)

Or persevere. If you go for this option I would pay ^absoulutely no attention^ to deliberate wetting and give her lots of 1:1 time in between accidents. She's just feeling a bit freaked out about the baby, that's all - it'll all settle down soon

Congratulations, btw! smile

ches Thu 04-Sep-08 04:06:11

Why is the default assumption malice on the part of a 2yo? Their cognitive development really is not that far advanced; many people think their cognitive development isn't even far enough advanced to potty train at all by that age, so how do they manage to be conniving, using wee as a weapon? It's far more likely that she is too distracted, perhaps by the new baby, to realise she needs a wee, and when you ask, she immediately answers no, only to realise that yes, she does, and oh dear it's quite urgent.

Personally, I'd be far more inclined to put the newborn into a sling and make potty time for DD1 something bonding, like time to read a book or sing a silly song (head, shoulders, knees & toes works well on a potty). Make the potty something enjoyable and she'll WANT to use it.

VandT Thu 04-Sep-08 11:49:45

A bit of a ramble here too i'm afraid!
I'm in a similar situation although the baby hasn't arrived yet (4 weeks away!). DS is just two and initiated potty training himself - triggered I think from watching others at his nursery. I was worried it was quite early, especially as I had heard boys were meant to be 'slower' at potty training. Anyway, he was great for the first 2-3 weeks with only the odd accident. We are now having 3-4 accidents a day.
I think I agree with Ches that it is because he is distracted and potty training isn't the novelty/excitment it first way. accidents tend to be when watching TV/ absorbed in something. Doesn't stop me feeling very frustrated however!
My problem is how to deal with this given new baby imminent. Have tried putting him back in nappies but he resists/ takes them off straight away, and he doesn't respond well to 'potty time'. Should I just persevere and live with wet pants and trousers for the next few months??

Washersaurus Thu 04-Sep-08 11:58:52

I can only go by me experience, but when we first started potty training DS1 he did really well for around 2/3 weeks and then got bored and started weeing/pooing everywhere once the novelty wore off. It wasn't until we retried a few months later that he actually got the hang of it properly.

I think with a new baby you have enough to deal with already so maybe best if you go back to usin nappies? (as long as your DD is happy with that of course). You don't have to do it as a 'punishment'.

Washersaurus Thu 04-Sep-08 11:59:27

*my experience blush

notnowbernard Thu 04-Sep-08 13:52:02

Ches, I can assure you that at 2.8 dd1's action of pulling down her trousers and weeing on the floor in front of where I had just settled to bf dd2 was absolutely deliberate grin

obsessivereader Fri 05-Sep-08 21:43:44


We just had an accident free day for the first time in weeks! We've started using a sticker chart and she's now asking for a sticker every time she goes to the loo, so she's clearly made the connection.

May be worth a try if you think the wetting is deliverate, or if you want to re-ignite the excitement of using the loo instead of the floor!?

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