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Potty training my DD of 23 months??

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sus19 Wed 03-Sep-08 12:48:43

My DD is 23 months - she kept taking her nappy off in bed (foiled her with some big sleep suits!) and now says 'YUK!' when she had done a poo and last night pointed at her nappy and said 'poo' (sorry if too much information!). She is not interested in the potty (which I also keep showing her and sitting on to demonstrate) but HATES having a nappy put on and I have a real struggle to get it on her sometimes. Is she still too young to be going on the potty? My friend said it might be a matter of 'forcing' her to sit on it but I really don't want to traumatise her and make a big issue out of the potty if she's not ready. When will I know that she's 'ready'?? Any help greatly appeciated )

ches Thu 04-Sep-08 05:46:52

She's not too young, but you're right that forcing her to use the potty is not going to work at all. You could try having her teach a doll how to use the potty, or having her use the toilet. Talk to her about it, too. Good luck!

cmotdibbler Thu 04-Sep-08 10:49:41

She's not too young to go on the potty, but forcing her would be a really bad idea. Does she see you actually weeing on the toilet ? Thats a much easier idea to get than just sitting clothed on the potty.

We did lots of nappy off time with the potty around and DS just gradually got the idea of what to do with it (with a bit of whizzing the potty under him when he started to wee), so had fully potty trained himself at 2 and 2 weeks

BabiesEverywhere Sat 06-Sep-08 14:36:36

As she doesn't like the potty, what about going straight to the toilet with a suitable toilet seat ?

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