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How many dirty nappies...

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babyOcho Wed 03-Sep-08 05:03:00

DD (almost 6 months) is teething really hard at the moment and the dirty nappy count has gone up to about 6 a day. I read that an increase in dirty nappies is normal, but this many??

She's also got a little bit of rash from it was well.

How many dirty nappies did your DC have at this age when teething??

BouncingTurtle Wed 03-Sep-08 06:28:28

Now my ds hasn't any teeth yet, but a good friend has a ds nearly a year with 5 teeth, and unfortunately each time he has cut a tooth he has had bad nappy rash, and diarrhoea! Quite a few mums on my PN thread have reported the same so I guess it is pretty typical sad

mylittlepudding Wed 03-Sep-08 06:43:42

That was quite typical for my dd too - the only nasty nappy rashes she's had have been from teething. It will get better again once the tooth is through.

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