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please help me.

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honeybehappy Tue 02-Sep-08 12:51:35

My dd will be 3 in december, we started to potty train her 5 months ago and she did wee's fine but always asked for a nappy to do a poo no matter how much we encouraged her to use the potty.

She now uses the toilet for wee's but when it comes to doing a poo she holds it in and runs around screaming "Poo poo mummy" and tells me her tummy hurts.

She has done a poo on the toilet and potty and was really pleased with herself and all the praise she got but she waits till she cannot hold it in for any longer, when shes shouting at me she runs up and down and does little dances and holds her bum.

Sorry if this is tmi but her poo is huge and i'm wondering if it hurts when she goes to the toilet.

Anyone have this with their LO?

needaholiday Tue 02-Sep-08 14:50:11

It could be, or it might be the waiting making it huger (sorry) or it could even be the splish as it hits the water causing a problem. sorry if this is way TMI but there is a huge difference in pooing next to their skin and then them having to get used to the dangling poo (sorry, that is so gross but I hope you know what I mean)

honeybehappy Tue 02-Sep-08 14:56:14

I just don't get it though cos shes so happy once shes done it.

just came back to the front room and she was standing still with a bright red face doing a poo on the floor, after the first bit came out she ran to her potty to do the rest and was all excited once it came out.

She starts nursery on friday so not sure whether to send her in nappies or not.

needaholiday Fri 05-Sep-08 01:08:14

Maybe she'll get the hang of it now she's got one in the potty? It might be an idea to discuss this at the nursery before leaving her so they can decide if they are quick enough to get her to the potty if she needs it urgently? Hope nursery goes well.

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