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we have more sucess with poo than wee...

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Katiekins83 Tue 02-Sep-08 10:14:49

title says it all really. my Ds is 22 months and was going really well with the potty training, hated the potty but would happily use the loo. we are now having great sucess with the pooing side of things, but weeing seems to be more of the issue.
i let him wonder around at home with no pants on, but im wondering if putting normal pants on rather than pull ups might do it? he doesnt like to feel wet, and tells me when he wants to go, although last night he flooded us both on the sofa as he had no pants on and did a wee! luckily i can wipe my sofa down!
anyone else having this trouble?

ches Wed 03-Sep-08 04:08:49

We had no trouble using pull-ups, but as soon as we cracked poos we switched to underwear with a pad wedged in the front of the y-fronts. (There's an overlap of material that makes a pocket.) It works brilliantly at keeping 90% of accidents contained without even damp shorts, let alone puddles or fountains. Our DS can hold a wee in for ages sometimes but other times not long at all and if we're lax on taking him to the toilet he will now wet his pants because nursery has been taking him on a schedule instead of waiting until he asks, which is what we did before they really got stuck into doing the training too.

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