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So he'll use the potty but only if his bum is bare - how to introduce pants? help!!

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kt14 Mon 01-Sep-08 19:59:41

DS1 is 3.0 and we've finally cracked using the potty or toilet when he has nothing on his bottom half. He just takes himself off and uses it when he's ready. Put a pair of pants on him and he just wets them though, how do i crack this one?
He has a language delay so unfortunately it's not as simple as just explaining it. I don't know whether just to let him have lots of accidents in pants and hope the penny drops, at the moment I'm putting pants on between wees and taking them 10 mins or so before i think he's due to go again. Anyone got any ideas please, he can't go back to nursery with no trousers!

Denny185 Mon 01-Sep-08 20:02:23

R the pants quite loose so not to be confused with nappy?

Remind reg to go to loo?

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