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Another 4.5 year old still in night nappies, i think he knows what he is doing, what do you think?

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So he is 4.5 and loves wearing his night nappies. I hear all the arguments for it not being an issue and that some dc (boys in particular) can't go through the night until they are older. However I don't think ds is one of them. He has told me he loves to pee in his nappy, because then he doesn't have to get out of bed, into the cold, to go to the toilet. grin So i think he is just a little apprehensive to let go of his nappies, but could manage easily.

Last night we tried nappie-less, he got very wound up, to tantruminous heights and then wee'd in the bed, when he was still awake even (without me knowing). He took off his trousers and dried himself and the bed with a towel and went back to sleep and slept through as usual. The protective sheet was pretty wet this morning.

So we had a chat and he is going to try again tonight, with the promise of a kinder egg should he succeed. He is up and down mood wise today as well which I put down to last nights shenanigans. My questions are:

a) do i stick with it?
b) how long do you try it for?
c) any other suggestions??

redclover79 Mon 01-Sep-08 11:59:39

I had the same with ds1. I wasn't sure until he told me he was peeing before he went to sleep! First night he was dry, had a few wet nights but persevered with it and he's been fine since. The only thing we found was that he got really stroppy if we tried to lift him on to the toilet before we went to bed, that lasted 3 nights so didn't make any difference!
Good luck!

Hulababy Mon 01-Sep-08 12:20:07

If you truely think he is able to go through without being wet, keep going. Try a star chart and aim for x number of stars = treat.

witchandchips Mon 01-Sep-08 12:23:23

try a potty in his bedroom for a few weeks and do a star chat for each dry nappy in the morning. He should then be confident enough to go without.

Thanks, I've just asked him if he would like the potty near his bed today and he seemed much happier with that idea. So will give it a go.

It's 9.30pm here and he went to bed at 7pm, the bed is soaking but he hasn't woken. It's not looking good is it?

witchandchips Tue 02-Sep-08 10:14:09

no i would keep him in nappies at night with the potty near by.
(btw do you get him to wee just before he goes to sleep)

cece Tue 02-Sep-08 10:16:12

DS was nearly 5 and he just announced one day that he wouldn't wear them anymore. We have only had a couple of wet beds since. Prior to that he would throw a tantrum at the thought of going without his nappy... So I would wait.

He woke up at 4.15 having a nightmare about hairy caterpillars and he was soaking. This morning he thought he'd done ever so well as the sheet was dry, he didn't even remember waking in the night! So I guess he is not quite ready. I don't want to disrupt him too much especially as he is back at school now. We will go back to the nappy and put the potty there as well see if that helps him get used to the idea.

Witch, he wees before he has his bath and then again before going to bed.

witchandchips Tue 02-Sep-08 12:05:30

If he is weeing before bath and then before bed AND having a week in the first few hours of sleep my guess is that he is probably not physically ready (bladder too small, muscles not strong enough). I think you are probably right to wait a bit

Minniethemoocher Fri 05-Sep-08 21:15:42

DD is 5.5 and is still in night nappies.... they are wet every morning and I am in despair!!

She also wet herself in the car at the weekend, we were on a long journey and she just wee-ed in her car seat, didn't tell anyone, just sat in it. It was only when I noticed that her trousers were wet that we knew.

I asked her why she hadn't asked to stop for the toilet and she told me that she didn't think that we could stop and that there would be nowhere to go!!

She does occasionally wet herself or have a poo in her knickers....maybe once a month.

Is this normal????

Sue0808 Mon 08-Sep-08 16:16:58

My DD is 4 and 10 months and is wet most nights. She stopped wearing nappies at night in July and has had a few dry nights, mostly very wet. She can be wet by 10pm despite going for a wee between 7-8pm before she goes to sleep. I lift her at 10pm when I go to bed and she is still wet most mornings. I'm thinking it may be better to go back to nappies. She has a potty by her bed but has never used this during the night. We've tried rewards but she can't last more than 1 day. She has suffered from urine infections in the past so that she would often wet herself during the day.
Persevere or wait?

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