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Am I deluding myself or are we doing ok?

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Shoegazer Mon 01-Sep-08 08:50:28

Bear with me, I'm feel rather wibbly over all this so this is long!

DD 2.2 has shown all the signs of being ready for potty training for quite a while now. She has had a potty around since she turned 1 so she is used to it, we had a failed attempt previously at 21 months where I put her in knickers for a couple of days after she started refusing to wear nappies but I didn't really believe she was ready and we had lots of accidents. Four weeks ago I started to put her on the potty at nappy change times and she was quite happy to sit on the potty, and then she would also do it at other times so would watch some TV and sit on potty or read etc.

Last Tuesday afternoon I decided to put her in knickers (as she has been in pull ups for a while anyway as need to do standing changes and they are just nappies to her). 6 days on and she has only had a nappy near her bottom at bedtime. I would say that we have a 50% success rate with wees, but its not because she is asking to go to the toilet, its because she is taken to the potty. We have alot of stop start wees, where she starts to do one in her knickers then stops and does the other half in the potty. She has not pooed in her potty yet, she has had one poo accident and 2 in her nappy when she has worken up so not sure how we stand with those at the moment. She is like a camel and always has been, so she will happily go 4-5 hours with no wee, which also means the opportunities to potty train are few and far between. She knows when she is wet, she knows when she is doing a wee now and can stop midway sometimes, but she can't just be put on the potty and produce, nor can she tell you she needs one, although she has started to say "yes I do, no, yes!" When I ask if she needs a wee. She goes to the potty happily most of the time so its not like she is forced to sit on it. We have managed dry trips to sainsburys for weekly shop, the park and the local shops, although I suspect that is more down to her camel like tendencies than anything else.

Pah, what a ramble, are we doing ok or am I deluded? I feel like we are doing the right thing, but some have said that if they don't get it by day 3 then they won't get it at all. I'm happy to take a gradual approach, but am I wrong? She is adamant she doesn't wear nappies anymore.

ches Mon 01-Sep-08 14:10:32

So ask yourself, is taking her to the toilet every hour or so easier or more difficult than nappy changes? And is it more or less likely to help her learn how to ask herself than her being in a nappy? wink

I think she's doing great and should keep at it. grin

Shoegazer Mon 01-Sep-08 15:39:52

Thank you for your reply ches, I'm feeling much better than I did this morning as we have had 2 wees and a poo in the potty today and no accidents. She took herself to the potty for one of them too, so I am grin so that just shows that you are right ches, the gradual approach must work for some. Its like she had a eureka moment or something this morning! I'm fully expecting more accidents but today and your post (yes, whats different, changing a nappy or taking her to potty/wiping my laminate floor?)have made me feel like my instinct was right.

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