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Has anyone's DC not gone to nursery because of 'failed' potty-training?

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ChocFudgeCake Sun 31-Aug-08 23:02:14

I am imagining the worst case scenario.
After 2 months of potty-training DS still does it in his pants if I am not around to rush him to the potty. He'll be 3 at the end of next month and will start nursery, but I am dreading that he won't manage by then
What if he is sent home for the year?? shock I even started using brivery (biscuits).

justaboutagrownup Sun 31-Aug-08 23:06:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ches Mon 01-Sep-08 14:13:46

Often seeing all their friends use the toilet is just what they need to crack potty training. wink Besides, most 3 and 4 year olds still have accidents occasionally.

TheGirlWithGreenEyes Mon 01-Sep-08 14:22:44

Both my ds's went to pre-school at 2.5 still in pull-ups. The pre-school was perfectly happy with this (I'm sure it's preferable to mopping up accidents!) Though when ds1 started I think the rules were different and he wasn't able to go to our closest playgroup because he wasn't potty-trained (which worked out fine because the one he went to was far nicer anyway...)

Debs75 Sun 07-Sep-08 10:47:10

My ds was excluded from school nursery 6 years ago due to incontinence, he also had special needs and they said they couldn't provide a changing area for him. 3 years later they accepted another boy in nappies with special needs and bent over backwards to provide changing areas and extra help so that must be when the law changed.

If he is only just about to turn 3 then why not keep him at home for this term to see if he manages to crack the training, and try not to panic about it the more you stress the more he will. And remember kids often use potty training as a way to exert some control over you.

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