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how do you keep reuseable nappies soft?

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lucysmam Sun 31-Aug-08 13:31:03

I have some to try out but have no idea about how to keep them soft after reading ages ago not to use fabric softener in the wash with them smile

TheProvincialLady Sun 31-Aug-08 13:39:09

White vinegar in the fabric conditioner drawer works wonders, as does using dryer balls in the tumble dryer if you have one. Otherwise a really good shake! Oh and not using too much washing powder etc.

lickleolme Sun 31-Aug-08 13:41:16

soda crystals. Well thats what I used when dd wore hers back in 1994. (god thats sounds a long time ago)
Infact, I had two dozen lily white nappies in my airing cubboard for the 5 years after dd and ds stopped using them, instead of throwing them out I know use them as tea towels. blush

lucysmam Sun 31-Aug-08 13:43:41

cheers! nothing wrong with that lickle, so long as they're clean of course wink

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