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When to get rid of night time nappies?

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thefortbuilder Sun 31-Aug-08 13:24:25

DS1 (2.2) has been dry during the day for about a month now - peeing and pooing and asking to go each time rather than having to be reminded all the time.

He has, however, been dry at night for about 3.5 months, although still in a nappy. Not through anything we have done, it's just happened that way.

how long do you all think we should wait before getting rid of the night time nappies? I don't want to pressurise him as he's doing really well in the day.

bubblagirl Mon 01-Sep-08 11:30:59

if his dry at night then no need for nappies if his been dry for 3.5 months at night then i would of stopped using nappies after a few weeks of being dry

maybe get some waterproof training pants and pop a paur of them on just in case but sound slike the little one has done it

thefortbuilder Mon 01-Sep-08 17:37:05

thanks bubblagirl - i guess i'm just a bit wary as he's only just 2 really, and he's doing so well in the day i don't want to regress if he has an accident at night.

juuule Mon 01-Sep-08 19:21:45

One of mine came out of nappies day and night at just 2y.
We usually don't bother with nappies at night when we've had 3 dry nappies, definitely after a weeks worth of dry nappies.
Having said that we did have 3 dry nappies off our youngest dd but she wasn't ready and we had to go back to nappies.

After 3.5 months I wouldn't have thought you would have a problem leaving the nappies behind

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