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Please help - is this child ready for potty training or am I barking mad to start

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Wills Sun 31-Aug-08 10:48:12

ds is 27 months and until today has shown vague signs in being interested in copying daddy (i.e. desperately trying to pull his willie over the toilet bowl and getting very upset when nothing comes out. grin. Today he's happily plonked himself on the potty and wiped himself etc. BUT even though he's running around naked he doesn't appear to show any understanding that he's doing a wee. When he wees he doesn't seem aware that he's doing it. Doesn't this mean that he's not ready yet?

BroccoliSpears Sun 31-Aug-08 10:50:37

I think if he's mostly been wearing nappies he won't really have much idea about what happens when he wees. He needs a couple of days sans nappy to learn that bladder feeling + weeing feeling + wet toes = doing a wee.

BloodySmartarse Sun 31-Aug-08 10:53:40

im with the sprouty green one on this; give it a few days sans nappy and see if he starts to notice.
i have always taken the path of least work resistance with potty training and ive lucked out been successful so far (3 x boys within 3 yrs)

Wills Sun 31-Aug-08 10:56:54

Agreed with least resistance! To be honest we've just come back from a long camping trip and 1 girl is about to start a new school (she doesn't handle change) and 1 girl's birthday is today and we need to empty the car from 3.5 weeks worth of camping. Realistically this is probably rather a stupid time to do this but I keep looking at the lovely weather and thinking.... perfect 'sans' weather! and lets be honest is potty training ever convenient?

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