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Weeing on the floor again after 2 weeks!!

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footballsgalore Fri 29-Aug-08 22:19:32

Okay, here goes!
Have been potty training DS2 (2.6) for 2 weeks now. He clicked after about 3 days and was able to ask for the potty when running around with no pants on. We risked a few trips out with him wearing a pull up and several times he asked for the potty and even managed to hold on until we got to the nearest convient place to use it!
All seemed fine and good progress was being made. Stuck to no pants when indoors as he is very reliable this way.
However, a few days ago he began weeing in his pull up when out and refusing the potty when asked. Basically treating it as a nappy. So we dumped (pardon the pun!) the pull ups and stuck to pants indoors and out. But he just wees and poos all over the place when in pants!!!
Shall I give up and assume he's just not quite ready, seems a shame as he's made such progress, or shall I stick with it???

Nat1H Fri 29-Aug-08 22:32:14

Maybe he became confused with the pull ups. After all, they ARE nappies that fasten a different way!!
I would put him back in nappies for a while, then go cold turkey and straight into underpants.
He will let you know when he is ready - probably start asking for the loo now he has had a little experience! Good luck - and don't get stressed- it just makes it worse.

footballsgalore Fri 29-Aug-08 22:41:17

Thanks, I had the same inkling. Although he did really well with the pull ups at first, it's almost as if he twigged after a while that he could just revert back. Another factor is that he starts a new nursery on Mon and really don't want to hamper any settling in with toilet stresses!

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