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DD2 is wearing her first ever cloth nappy!!

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Yorkiegirl Sat 19-Feb-05 10:38:47

Message withdrawn

jessicasmummy Sat 19-Feb-05 10:39:33

good luck! how old is she? i first put jess in hers at 3-4 months old!

Demented Sat 19-Feb-05 10:41:45

Tots Bots are fantastic. All the best!

Yorkiegirl Sat 19-Feb-05 10:45:28

Message withdrawn

jessicasmummy Sat 19-Feb-05 10:47:29

bless her... well done for converting though! I dont find it easy, but i do give in and use disposables at night because i use kushies and they aint a lot of use for a 12 hour stretch!

Yorkiegirl Sat 19-Feb-05 10:53:35

Message withdrawn

jessicasmummy Sat 19-Feb-05 10:56:12

i might do as dd now growing out of her kushies.... will keep hold of them for the next one, but might go for tots bots next as everyone seems to praise them

Yorkiegirl Sat 19-Feb-05 10:57:04

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Sat 19-Feb-05 21:39:16

Message withdrawn

Demented Sat 19-Feb-05 21:41:56

Sounds about right YG, we changed to cloth when DS2 was 8 months and I'm sure I bought 12 nappies and four wraps, although I ended up with a few more (beware cloth nappies are highly addictive).

Have you thought about fleece liners?

Yorkiegirl Sat 19-Feb-05 21:45:39

Message withdrawn

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 19-Feb-05 21:47:31

What are these Totbots that everyone is raving on about?

Demented Sat 19-Feb-05 21:53:15

I got the first few nappies and fleece liners from The Nappy Lady, after we decided to continue using them I bought from Twinkle on the Web and got a piece of fleece from John Lewis and cut out my own liners. Have also bought from Nappies by Minki, Bear Behinds, buy and sell on UKP and Girly's website Bellescouches.

Newbarnsleygirl Tots Bots are the most fantastic cloth nappies, they are very absorbent and most people find them a good alternative to disps.

Yorkiegirl Sat 19-Feb-05 21:54:25

Message withdrawn

clementine Sat 19-Feb-05 21:55:11

Yorkiegirl did you get my email

Demented Sat 19-Feb-05 21:57:25

YG, it worked out much cheaper, think I got something like 20 liners for about £3.50 or £4.00, bought half a metre of fleece. There are probably cheaper places than JL to buy fleece. I have heard of people cutting up old fleece jumpers and things.

Yorkiegirl Sat 19-Feb-05 22:00:07

Message withdrawn

misdee Sat 19-Feb-05 22:02:22

well done. glad it went well. 12 nappies and wraps sounds fine to me, but you will buy more lol. must get back into the habit of using cloth as i fell by the way when dh was in hospital and have a pack of dosposibles this week for dd2 when i go into hospital. but she is attempting to potty train so my size 3 tots may not get used for a while now

Yorkiegirl Sat 19-Feb-05 22:03:20

Message withdrawn

misdee Sat 19-Feb-05 22:05:33

i just told dh i spent a small fortune on nappies when he was in hospital

he asked why, i said i was bored and didnt know what to shop online for lol.

Yorkiegirl Sat 19-Feb-05 22:08:42

Message withdrawn

clementine Sat 19-Feb-05 22:10:05


misdee Sat 19-Feb-05 22:10:32

go on!!

Yorkiegirl Sat 19-Feb-05 22:10:58

Message withdrawn

misdee Sat 19-Feb-05 22:12:14

unbleached tots

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