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DD refuses to do number 2 on the toilet

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chocohead Wed 27-Aug-08 22:08:59

DD just turned 3 has been doing wee on the toilet for a few months

She has never gone for a number 2 and has always asked for a nappy to go in, when i have tried to get her on the toilet she refuses and becomes upset so i have always let her have a nappy.

She is still in nappy at night so i think if i refuse the nappy she will hold it until bedtime

Any advice ? do i get rid of nappies altogether and tell her they are all gone ? i cannot think of anything else , help

NosilaFfodrot Thu 28-Aug-08 13:45:21

I had exactly the same problem with my dd aged nearly 4 and was at my wits end. She was even dry at night before she would poo anywhere other than a nappy. She would hold and hold it until I relented and gave her a nappy and that led to constipation so I wouldn't just get rid of them incase that happens. In the end she just decided to do it on her own , she just wanted to wait until she was ready. Your DD will do the same after all how many 5 year olds still wear a nappy? We just continued to talk about it gently and casually and ask her if she wanted to go to the loo to do it and eventually she just did one day and that was it! So I would say relax and let her do it in her own time and don't be pressured by those who tell you their dd/ds was dry/loo using/reading Shakespeare when they were 18 months old! (smile).

ches Thu 28-Aug-08 15:14:56

My DS was terrified the first time he made a poo on the toilet. We threw his poo out of his nappies into the toilet and let him see it so that he knew that was where poo goes. Now he only poos in the toilet... except at nursery (but his teacher and I are ever hopeful!)

KarenR1 Thu 28-Aug-08 16:59:11

Only sympathy here I'm afraid. I've been watching these threads with interest as DD (3.5) is still insistent on pooing in her nappy and we are reaching the limit of size 6 nappies now.

Sputnik Thu 28-Aug-08 17:16:54

My DD this, we tried bribery, everything!
The thing that worked was giving her a nappy but getting her to poo in it while sitting on the toilet. Did this for quite a while til she was used to it. Then 1 day I left the nappy undone on 1 side, so it hung down and the poo went in the toilet instead of the nappy.

The nappy then progressed further and further down her leg until it was on her foot. Eventually we convinced her to do without. By then a year had passed since potty training.

Take the pressure off and let her do it in her own time, the last thing you want is a constipated 3 year old.

Good luck

chocohead Fri 29-Aug-08 09:00:00

Thanks for all the replies, makes me feel so much better i am not alone on this.

I have had a few comments from people about it and it does get you down. I will just carry on and see how we go

Thanks again smile

Sputnik Fri 29-Aug-08 10:12:27

Know what you mean Choc, my Mum used to ask me if we'd made any progress every time she phoned. Eventually I got cross and asked her to stop.

LoveMyGirls Fri 29-Aug-08 10:15:57

She will do it in her own time, it's taken my dd 8 months to go from weeing on the toilet/ wearing pants to asking for a pooh on the toilet.

I know it's hard, people interfer tell you how to do it etc etc but in the end with enough support and encouragement she will do it eventually, no rush is there? I brought dd2 a padded loo seat which helped her be a bit more confortabl;e so she would at least sit on it for a bit.

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