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How do I know if she is ready??

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jennymac Wed 27-Aug-08 14:10:48

My dd is 2 next week and has been saying for about 5 months before she has to do a poo so decided on Monday to start potty training. First day, 4 accidents before 11am and then none after doing both pees and poos on potty. Second day about 8 accidents - pees only but v frustrating. Today so far, 3 accidents and 2 pees in potty but she doesn't seem to know when she is doing a wee and the wet pants don't seem to bother her. Am I expecting too much - do you think she is just too young?

fluffyanimal Wed 27-Aug-08 14:21:25

If she doesn't know when she is doing a wee and isn't bothered by being wet, I'd say she isn't ready. You can always opt for just pooing in potty whenever you're at home, so she gets used to the potty being part of life.

ches Thu 28-Aug-08 03:39:40

She's never had a reason to hold a wee in before. I'd keep her in nappies and take her to the toilet as often as you feel you care to, e.g. when she makes a "poo face," after naps, first thing in the morning. As she gets the hang of it she'll start to ask. Trust me, not sitting in a puddle is its own reward. wink

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