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DS starts School in 2 weeks and still in bedtime nappy

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Kate161203 Tue 26-Aug-08 22:11:51

Hi there,

DS still in Pull-ups at 4 3/4. She doesnt seem too concerned about it, but just wondered if I should be concerned about it???

Nappies are often very-full in the morning and she is reluctatnt to take it off when she wakes at 7am.
She goes to bed at 7pm just before a wee and doesnt have bedtime milk any longer.

She also has a dummy and a play-dummy at night.

Any tips would be welcome.

gigglewitch Tue 26-Aug-08 22:15:47

wouldn't worry. DS2 only decided to be dry at night when well past 4 and a half. Wanted to tell everyone at school but we suggested that he might not need to do that grin
They all do it in their own time and this seems to be a regular thing that they're still in night-time pull-ups at 4 or more.
We take the DC to the toilet about an hour and a half after they go to sleep and take the 2&4yo again when we go to bed, prob midnight-ish. that's the only 'tip' i've got as such, to reduce the sogginess in the morning.

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