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Is it worth switching to cloth nappies now? ds nearly 9 months

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Beansmum Fri 18-Feb-05 10:57:05

I'm quite keen on the idea of switching to real nappies, probably tots bots, but is it really worth it? How easy are they to use and dry? How long would a size 2 nappy last and can I really be bothered anyway?

Also if I did switch how many wraps would I need? Does one wrap last all day or do you change it with the nappy?

Has anyone switched to real nappies after this long?

beansontoast Fri 18-Feb-05 11:37:17

yeah its well worth it.easy.takes a tiny bit of getting used to i suppose..bit vague,sorry.

dont know tots bots im afraid.

all i know is i use motherease nappies that have poppers,so one size fits all.i use PHP liners.

the wrap could last all day,if it doesnt get soiled too badly.i have three wraps in total.

im being really brief cos i have been on here for ages..and should be in the library.feel sick with guilt!love to talk nappies though

beansontoast Fri 18-Feb-05 11:39:19

got my nappies second hand on the web...the nappy lady.brilliant.

mummyhelen Fri 18-Feb-05 12:20:46

I switched when my ds was 12 months and I'm really glad I did it. We also switched to tots bots initially, but now we use the coloured rainbow bots during the day as they are a bit slimmer. I definately, wouldn't go back to disposables now! Tots bots are very easy to use and take an hour or so to dry in my tumble dryer. The coloured ones do dry slightly quicker, but you do have to change a little more often as they are not quite so absorbant. Once you take the used nappy off, just empty any solid waste down the loo and rinse the nappy off if you need to. I use the shower head over the toilet. then chuck the nappy in your nappy bucket. Wet ones can just be thrown straight in with no rinsing. You do not have to soak as a 60 degree cycle will wash them fine. (Only use half the usual amount of powder as too much can irritate your baby's skin.) A size 2 nappy will last many babies through to potty training. It really depends on how big your little one is. As for wraps, you only need to change them if the wrap gets soiled with poo. I've never had this happen, I think Tots Bots are pretty much explosion proof! I use 1 wrap a day and I would say 3 or 4 would be enough depending on how often you want to wash your nappies. Why don't you just buy a couple of nappies and one wrap and see how you get on, that's what I did. If you don't like them you can always sell them on ebay for a very good price! I have to say the worst thing about switching was the first poo. It was all a bit alien having to empty it away and rinse when you are used to just throwing it all away. You soon get used to it though and it really doesn't bother me now. If you would like any more info you are more than welcome to email me

tassis Fri 18-Feb-05 12:23:44

I didn't switch until ds was 16months and it's already been worth it (he's now 22months and I'm not planning to think about potty training for a good while yet). Go for it! I use totsbots size 2 with motherease wraps. I have 14 nappies and 3 wraps. COuld probably manage with less nappies and could possible do with another wrap. Check out the nappy lady's webpage for more details.

Beansmum Fri 18-Feb-05 12:23:56

I have loads of questions but have to go to a lecture now so I will get back to this thread later! might email you too, thanks

Beansmum Sun 20-Feb-05 14:11:04

ok I am definitely switching, just had a horrible experience with sainsbury's nappies, they have some kind of lotion in them and when I changed ds just now the lotion had turned into a sticky glue and stuck his willy to the front of the nappy. nothing serious but it gave him a bit of a fright!

So, anyone have any tips? I'm not sure how many nappies to buy, I have ordered a trial pack from tots bots and unless I really don't like them I think those are the ones I will get. probably not the best way to chose nappies, but I love the colours and they are really cute! So would 10 be enough? I will wash then everyday. Also, how bulky are they? I wont have to buy him bigger clothes will I? Is that really stupid?

I'm so excited!

pootlepod Sun 20-Feb-05 14:57:12

Yeaay, new nappies. What kind of tots did you order?

10 should be enough if you want to wash every day. It's the drying that can take a while-what facilities do you have? You also need somewhere to store dirty ones-bucket or a waterproof drawstring bag thingy.

I have chopped and changed what I do as my nappy routine but now I have 2 bins and wash every 3 days. I stick everything in and run a rinse then get any fleece wraps out. I then wash most of it at 60 with half a scoop non-bio and slosh white vinegar. The fleece wraps I put in with normal washing at 40. Sometimes I also add normal washing to the nappies after I've rinsed. I then hang them out (now have a washing line and they look SO GOOD! )and might fling them in the tumble for 20 mins to finish them off.

Regarding clothes, I tend to go up to a bigger vest size much quicker and sleepsuits about a month earlier (IYSWIM)You can buy cloth nappied trousers or just shop around for big bummed stuff, woolies are very good for big jeans, most people say that cheaper shops are better.

Hope that's of help, welcome to cloth nappies anonynmous.

hnnappies Sun 20-Feb-05 19:19:11

9 months isnt that late to decide to start using cloth nappies. Im my experience as a clothie mum of three (forth on the way) and nappy adviser in my area I would ask parents two things if switching to cloth nappies later are :-
1)Are you likely to have another child? if so definatly go for it as you can use the nappies on your next child.
Even if your not there is always a second hand market for cloth nappies so you can still get back some of the money you paid out.
2)Is your child about to potty train?
With many children the change over from disposable to cloth nappies can help make potty training easier, quicker and cheaper. I would certainly suggest using cloth nappies at night when you start potty training as you only need 3 to 4 (if washing alot then less will do) to have enough for nighttime use. Saves alot of nightime pull up nappies and lets you child feel a little more of what there doing (which isnt always felt in disposables).

Hope these comments are of some help
Yipee in buying some tot bots i hope you like them. If you want any help just email me or leave a message on here
From SAm P

lunavix Sun 20-Feb-05 19:21:10

Beansmum - I switched at 9 months. Worth it, you get used to it and they are so cute

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