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*HELP* Is my DS PEEING enough??!!

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monkeychops Fri 18-Feb-05 09:58:13

HELLO. I'm monkeychops by the way - and very new to MS. Does anyone have any advice for me? My ds has been ill for a week with the usual cold, cough etc. he had a fever this time last week but that didn't last more than 24hrs. He seems to be over the cold but the cough is still very much there, i was up most of night with him the night before last and his temp was alittle high - max 38c (he is 9 months by the way)and his nappy (pampers active fit) wasn't as full as normal when i changed him in the morning. I put that down to the fact that i changed it in the night. He slept through last night, and my dh changed him before leaving for work and said "i see what you mean about the nappy not being so full..." the trouble is these nappies are so super absorbent that who knows whats good /bad. Should i be rushing him to the gp??? temp is normal

beansprout Fri 18-Feb-05 10:07:51

Seems ok. Is he ok in himself? IKWYM about super absorbent nappies. I also find that when we move to next size up they absorb even more. I would see how he goes and make sure he gets plenty of fluids but if you are concerned, you could always call NHS Direct?

monkeychops Fri 18-Feb-05 10:54:23

he seems ok in himself, yes beansprout. he's fine until i walk into another room for a second and then he just screams his head off! i think this is just his age though. Obviouly when he is ill/has been ill i tend to question everything and get a bit paranoid! he has had a wet nappy since then which is good. He has not eating his breakfaast for the last few days he just zips his mouth shut and shakes his head - agian it may be he is just asserting himself or has gone off porridge etc. do you think babies sweat at night? i was under the impression they were incapable of sweating but that could be misinformation. Will give Nhs direct a try - if next nappy a bit odd - great idea i forgot about them. thanks! How old is your dd/ds(s) by the way?

monkeychops Fri 18-Feb-05 11:00:40

Re the fluids i have to spoon feed him water as he jst mucks around with a beaker. he will sometimes take watr from a bottle (usually n the night) and he doesn't really rate juices either. Bit of a milk-a-holic really. He now drinks less milk tan before as he is on 3 meals a day etc. so i do worry about his fluid intake in general.

Sponge Fri 18-Feb-05 11:05:06

If he's well in himself then he's probably not dehydrated. This really only occurs I think if they're throwing up a lot or have prolonged diarrhea.
The main signes are listlessness/ excessive sleepiness, sunken eyes and sunken fontanelle (but really sunken not just a bit of a dip which is normal) and what wee he does do would be much darker than usual. If he's eating less because he's feeling a bit poorly then he may just not need to wee so much.
Babies can sweat, or at least mine can. He can get himself into quite a damp old lather if he screams enough.

mummyhelen Fri 18-Feb-05 12:35:50

My ds is often like this when he is ill and I sometimes struggle to get 11 fl oz of drink down him in a day. He is 16 months. However, he never appears ill and it usual rights itself in a week or two. I think like the others say, as long as your little one seems well, ie not listless, do not worry to much. My HV advised me to give ds as much sloppy food as possible to stop him getting constipated. HTH

monkeychops Fri 18-Feb-05 13:54:18

that makes sense about less food, less pee, Sponge.

Will try more sloppy foods as he can be prone to constipation, thanks Mummyhelen. He has had 2 further wet nappies so i think i was being a bit panicky! Can't wait till he can talk so i can put an end to this guessing game!
Am so pleased to have discovered MS. Thanks everyone

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