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General chat thread for real nappy users.

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KnickersOnMaHead Mon 25-Aug-08 23:09:12

Message withdrawn

bythepowerofgreyskull Mon 25-Aug-08 23:12:16

Hi there
we have always used cloth nappies (4.5 years) but have to admit to using at least 1 disposable a day I made the decision to use one at night rather than buy shaped nappies specifically for night time. [guilt emotion]

Hi knickers smile

Octothechildherder Mon 25-Aug-08 23:12:33

ooh an addict zone grin
ds1,2 and now 3 in cloth - love them, have advised on them , sell/sold them - used most makes and have firm beliefs about them! grin Currently in fuzzis.

weeonion Mon 25-Aug-08 23:16:37

octo - i knew i would see you here wink

Octothechildherder Mon 25-Aug-08 23:17:30

Hello WO - just popped on for a nose! Hope ur okay smile

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 25-Aug-08 23:22:24

Message withdrawn

LackaDAISYcal Mon 25-Aug-08 23:22:56

I have a DD 14 months who is in cloth part time and dispos part time due to ongoing nappy rash issues. We think we may have knocked the nappy rash on the head though <crosses fingers> so hope to get back to full time cloth grin. Currently using pocket nappies but have been doing testing for a baby mag so have a variety of nappies and wraps on the go at the minute.

DC3 is due in November and I already have my stash of lovely, snuggly, cuddly and cute bimbles and diddy diapers to use with him.

And I'm currently doing market research (my excuse to DH for buying even more nappies) as I want to set up as a nappy advisor/seller.

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 25-Aug-08 23:29:31

Message withdrawn

LackaDAISYcal Mon 25-Aug-08 23:47:12

we have stopped using wipes and are using water and reuseable wipes instead.....seems to be working, but she is in dispos at the minute. Want to get her well cleared up and then try cloth again.

not used hempprestos by the way, but have seen some fair reviews of them smile

kiskidee Mon 25-Aug-08 23:58:59

signing in to lurk. planning on using them when dd2 gets here within the next month or so.

JoyS Tue 26-Aug-08 00:13:45

DD1, 2.3, in cloth most of the time

DD2, 5 wks, in cloth most of the time but still in the process of finding The Perfect Wrap (doesn't leak, doesn't leave red marks, is cute and fits under clothes)

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 26-Aug-08 08:48:58

Message withdrawn

BlueberryBeret Tue 26-Aug-08 08:49:56

None in cloth <wail>

Nappyzoneneedssleep Tue 26-Aug-08 08:54:30

Hello, my ds is 21 months and im dreading him coming out of nappies - i love em though not so much his streaking abilities. I use pockets mostly with the odd two parter on a night. I would love to go through the whole newborn nappy thing again but my dh wouldnt sad. Nappies are my life at the moment and i am surrounded by mountains of boxes of them! smile

kiskidee Tue 26-Aug-08 08:55:09

I am having a guuuuuuurrrrrrllllll!

My mate who has already done 2 in cloth and is now on her third says she is loving Little Lamb bamboos.

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 26-Aug-08 09:07:28

Message withdrawn

ilovemydog Tue 26-Aug-08 09:08:09

Hi - Both in cloth. DD is 25 months and is showing no signs of potty training, so just bought some Sandy's Bamboo Extra Large.

DS is is a range of Bum Genius, Tot Bots Flexitot and Bamboo....

Really should go to reusable wipes, but am a bit occupied...

Perfect wrap for newborn: Motherease extra small? Cute prints.

mum2oneloudbaby Tue 26-Aug-08 09:26:32

this is great my dd 9mths is in cloth and i love it. we only get nappy rash when she has been in disposables for a period (when we are on holiday, so I love them) but made a bit of a mistake i think cos bought a birth to potty pack although i am mostly happy i am not 100%.

but perhaps you ladies could give me some advice?

there are not enought wraps in the pack and need to buy some additional ones, currently using Bambino Mio which don't leak and don't leave marks round the legs which is fab but the velcro bit gets really rough after a few washes and leaves marks at the tummy. Any recommendations on another wrap which i can use with the nappies?

other than that there is nothing better than seeing little white nappies hanging on the line to dry grin

AnnVan Tue 26-Aug-08 09:28:26

Hi, my first hasn't been born yet and I'm already addicted! I know people advise not to buy a stash before birth, but I have done this.
1. i needed it to be sorted so that I can get DP on board. He is supportive but sceptical
2. i know that if I left i till baby is born, We will never get round to it.

MMind you, my sister bought her stash before birth of her DD and she used them till the end. This encourages me, she is the single laziest person I know, so if she can survive all the 'hard work' of using cloth, so can anyone.

Sorry I've hada lot of criticism from some people for my choice to use cloth. grrr.

Oh baby's due on Saturday, so if it obliges I'll be trying my lovely fluffy nappies on soon. grin

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 26-Aug-08 09:36:58

Message withdrawn

BigBadMousey Tue 26-Aug-08 09:38:47

<signing in (goodbye housework forever grin>

Two monsters in cloth atm

DD2 2.4 in Ellas House Day Nappies booster with microfibre cloth + airflow

DS 13wo in a mix of mainly Sandy's Bamboo, Sandy's cotton, and fuzzis. He uses airflow wraps too. He's been in cloth from day 1.

I advise on cloth nappies for various groups (local nappy projects, internet retailers etc) and get strange moments such as one last weekend at a car boot sale where a man I swear I didn't know shoutied across the field 'Hey BBM! Those Bumgenius you recommended work a treat!' No idea what everyone must have thought but I sure got some funny looks grin (turns out he was someones DH and he had seen me when I did a demo at the antenatal clinic).

Our house is overrun with nappies as I operate several trial kits plus I tend to keep one of everything I have tried to help on the advice front.

ilovemydog hows the sandy's bamboo going?
knickers I'n not sure they make hempresto anymore (I know you are buying 2nd hand though) - have you seen them anywhere new? I'd like to try one to compare it to my EHDNs
joyshave you tried an airflow? They don't need to be on tight at all really, if you get red marks on one setting you can loosen them off and they still work well (despite looking loose IMO)
kiskidee LL bamboo are lovely but take an age to dry, I use them for night nappies along with bumhuggers.

LackaDAISYcal Tue 26-Aug-08 09:39:25

What nappies are you using mum2?

You can't really go wrong with motherease wraps; Rikki if you like velcro fastening, or Airflow which have side poppers. If the nappies are prefolds then you might prefer the Rikki wrap as it's a tighter fit than the airflow and probably better with prefolds (not a prefold user so perhaps someone else can advise?)

I also got some of the new tots flexiwraps recently and they are a huge improvement on the previous tots wraps and have been bombproof for me so far with absolutely no leg leaks, even when the nappy inside has been sopping wet.

kiskidee, I was thinking that you were due soon. Hope everything's going well so far smile

Great thread knickers smile

BigBadMousey Tue 26-Aug-08 09:44:15

mumtooneloudbaby what nappies are you using? If you are using Bambino Mio prefolds (guessing you are because you are running out of wraps and you are using BM wraps) then you could try Motherease Rikkis or the Prowrap.

Prowraps are very underrated and fantastic with prefolds (cheap too IIRC).

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 26-Aug-08 09:45:56

Message withdrawn

BigBadMousey Tue 26-Aug-08 09:45:57

No, you can't use airflows with prefolds. DS has a couple of BMios and they are rather good for him atm.

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