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pop ins brand anyone used them ?

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lou222 Mon 25-Aug-08 19:52:44

i've seen them in a shop and they seem really good but can't find any reviews on mumsnet
wondered if they were maybe very new or just not that good
if anyone knows anything about them i'd be grateful
the lady in the shop said you don't need a nappy bucket and only need one size and no pants on top.

BigBadMousey Mon 25-Aug-08 20:11:12

They are one size and you don't need a wrap over the top but you would need a nappy bucket to store the used nappies before you wash them - not sure why the lady in the shop would think otherwise hmm.

There's a thread here about them. They are quite new and not one of the most popular styles of nappy -hence the lack of reviews I guess.

I take it you have noticed the mumsnet offer to get 10% off. I really wouldn't get too many at first until you are sure you like them though


Essie3 Mon 25-Aug-08 20:59:34

Hi, I was behind the other thread. I'm trialling them, and they seem really good - I'm about to buy a massive stock of 20 of them!

So, you have the nappy, which consists of a soft jersey outer (which is waterproof - like a wrap), and the inner soaker which poppers in, bamboo, v. absorbent, and also a liner. I've had very good results.
Plus points: one size, good value; lovely soft nappy; actually quite compact.
Negatives: bamboo takes longer to dry.

I've been using the old style modern baby ones (v. good value for the second size up...and I'm selling 20 of the first size!) which are superb but underrated, due to lack of reviews and things.

Essie3 Mon 25-Aug-08 21:00:17

p.s. when I've been using them long enough will add a review. And you do need a bucket!

lou222 Mon 25-Aug-08 22:07:50

thanks for the quick responses
it's a minefield and so hard to choose
my baby is only 4lb at the mo and still in hospital but these just look so soft and cosy for him
let me know how you get on essie
oh another thing i don't have a tumble drier - will i still cope!
with all the baby clothes as well as washable nappies!??

Octothechildherder Mon 25-Aug-08 22:54:55

they leaked sad

LackaDAISYcal Tue 26-Aug-08 10:21:42

The advice from Close Baby says they are better stored in the wet bag that either comes with the kit, or you can buy separately. I suspect it's just a marketing ploy to get you to buy more stuff though <old cynic>. I've stored mine in a bucket to no detriment to the nappy.

I've been trialling them on my 14 mo old DD and agree the outers are very soft and the bamboo quite thirsty but I've had a few leaks if they aren't changed regularly.

The birth to potty option is good as there is obviously a value for money advantage, however, I have had them on the biggest setting with DD (who is still wearing 9-12 mo trousers and dinky with it) and with the booster pad poppered in can barely get them fastened. They are also quite low rise, so definately wouldn't suit a long or chubby toddler. Can't see them lasting to potty training either and I would worry about the velcro fastening holding out for full btp use, let alone use on another baby.

I think if you could buy additional inserts they might be better as then you could change just the inner if the outer wasn't wet or soiled, but I'm not sure that you can. I'm also not convinced that they would contain a newborn poo explosion, but I'll be able to report back on that in November smile

I think for the cost of them, the quality isn't that great.

There are other snap all-in-ones out there which get good reviews and have lovely soft outers as well, like Itty Bitty D'Lish, Blueberry, Berry Plush, Sugar Peas etc.

LackaDAISYcal Tue 26-Aug-08 10:22:47

and bless your tiny DS. I hope he is home with you soon smile

MrsJamin Tue 26-Aug-08 10:39:16

I have only ever had Itti Bitti's so can't compare, but they are so beautifully soft still, the outers dry overnight and the inners dry in about 24 hours, I find I can change the inners once but keep the outer if it's not damp, meaning it's very economical - I have 7 nappies and 7 extra sets of boosters which does me fine for washing every other day and not having a tumble drier. It's definitely the fact that you don't need anything plasticky-feeling at all, that I like most about the Itti Bitti D'Lish nappies. They are really trim too- not as trim as a disposable, but you don't need totally different clothes, DS goes up in size just slightly earlier than he would do. I saw the popins and thought they looked nice if I hadn't got the IBDL already.

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