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Advice please, DS strange potty behaviour!

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star1976 Fri 22-Aug-08 15:58:21

DS (2yrs 6 months) is mostly dry, is great when we are in the house and he can run around with no bottoms on or with just his football kit shorts on. Says he needs the toilet and off he goes.

If we put pants on him though he starts to wee before he realises that he hasn't got a nappy on. Guessing that it is cause pants hold his 'bits' close to him. Bought him boxer shorts today and put them on with his shorts and one accident so far.

However, he still won't poo in the toilet or potty!!!!

Seems to hold it in until I put his nappy on for his nap time, but did a massive one in the middle of the living room floor yesterday (thank god for wooden flooring), and poo'd in his new boxers today!!!!

What to do???????

ches Sat 23-Aug-08 03:06:56

Find out why he doesn't want to poo on the toilet and put his mind at ease. Don't make a big deal out of it. If he's feeling pressured to do it in the toilet it could be the very reason he's afraid.

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