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DS just won't keep his nappy on help me pleeeeeeeeease

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mindalina Fri 22-Aug-08 11:56:39

He's only 19 months so I can't see there's any point trying to potty train him - I do have a potty for my friend's DS to use and I have tried suggesting to DS that he wee in it but he just grins and piddles next to it grin so I really think it's a non-starter.

I don't mind clearing up the odd puddle of wee - he has always had a fair amount of time without a nappy so he can "air" but yesterday I cleared up no less than a dozen puddles and it's really frustrating. Esp when he wees in the kitchen and then slips on it before I have a chance to mop it uphmm[sigh]

How can I make him keep them on?!? Or shall I just stock up on carpet shampoo and grit my teeth for the next year <sob>

ThatBigGermanPrison Fri 22-Aug-08 11:58:12

Popper vests, duct tape

mindalina Fri 22-Aug-08 12:07:52

Ooooh poppet vests! I didn't think of that, thanks. Always thought use of duct tape as parenting aid was frowned on though grin

ThatBigGermanPrison Fri 22-Aug-08 12:11:17

no, no, it's fine. It goes on the nappy, not his hands, after all.

shootfromthehip Fri 22-Aug-08 12:27:57

My goodness- I'm in exactly the same boat DS 19mths- will get a nappy off despite dungarees? Houdini baby! We are getting the same issues but also with poo- just for fun shock!!! He just stands there and shouts at it! Poppet vests are good and I have sellotaped him into his nappy at night for a couple of weeks now. Duct/ electrical tape seems a bit much and the sellotape is biodegradable after all grin. Do think it is a good thing as they are becoming aware but my house smells like a cess-pit. Not so good.

Good luck x

ches Sat 23-Aug-08 03:04:59

19 months is not too young. Get your head around potty training because your kids are ready.

needaholiday Mon 25-Aug-08 00:17:45

put the nappy on back to front, then cover with a popper vest and a growsuit back to front, then cover with normal clothes. Otherwise a nappy pin through the tabs should deter the little monkey!.
Mind you he could well be ready to potty.

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